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Scheduling Instructions

Effective May 1, 2015

The Flow Cytometry Core is implementing the transition from 'Calendars for the Web' to iLab.

Please click here for instructions on scheduling through iLab.

Please click here to log-in to iLab

What you need to do before making reservations:


Log in:

  • Go to  'Calendars for the Web' and click the 'Login' button.
  • Enter your username (your UVa computing ID).
  • Enter your password.
  • Click "Submit".
  • If it is your first time logging in you should be asked to change your password.
  • If you don't yet have an account fill out the forms mentioned above to get one.


On your first visit you must follow these instructions to confirm you account information:

1. Once you have logged in, click on the underlined version of your user ID in the bottom-left of the screen. This will take you to your user data.

2. Review and update your account data. If any is missing you will be required to fill it in.

3. Click "Submit"

You can always return to this page to update your PTAO or other information anytime it changes.


General Orientation:

To view a specific calendar:

Find the drop-down menu in the top-right of the screen:


Choose the calendar you would like to view or schedule. If this is a calendar you access often, you can add it to your web-browser's favorite list by clicking on the CWFav icon.

There are Review Calendars that combine multiple instrument schedules and there are Resource Calendars that display only a single instrument or technician. The Review Calendars can only be used to view schedules. Choose a specific Resource Calendar from the drop-down menu if you wish to schedule an appointment.

Calendars will show busy time as a block that is a different color from the rest of the calendar with the text 'occupied' in them.

CWCal - Default View: Changes the current calendar's view mode to show weekly. Other amounts of time can be selected on the left bar of the web page. To view dates and hours outside of the work week click on the CWExpand (to schedule instrument usage outside of the Core's work week 9am-6pm hours you must first request clearance from Joanne Lannigan).

CWPrint - Print: Prints the current calendar.

CWHelp - Help: Displays the page's help file. These files provide very good explanations and instructions for each page you may open and the different options available. This should be consulted before contacting the Core staff for help.


Making Appointments: Do you need assistance?

You will need assistance during your appointment if any of the following apply to your situation:

1. You have not completed the Flow Cytometry Training Course.
2. You would like to sort cells with the BD FACSVantage or BD Influx
3. You wish to use the ImageStreamX , CyAn ADP, LSRFortessa, or MagPix and have not yet been trained and approved to use them without assistance.
4. You would like help setting up the machine or analyzing your data on our in-house computers.

If any of these apply you will need to verify that a core staff member is free during your appointment. To do this, view the calendars labeled 'Core Personnel' and compare free time on them to the calendar of the instrument you wish to use. Once you find a time that is completely free on both calendars, schedule your appointment on the instrument calendar being sure to select the "Needs Assistance" option on the assistance drop-down menu:



Sorting: in the case of any sorting appointments you need to verify that assistance is available for your entire appointment as well as the one-hour setup session that will occur before your appointment. Since all appointments on the sorters require assistance, there is no assistance drop-down menu in the Vantage or Influx calendars.

To request an appointment:

1. Choose the calendar you want.

2. Find a time that will work for you and is not booked.

3. Then click in the middle of that time slot. This will open an 'Add event' page. It will look like the image below.

4. Complete the requested information and check that the time and duration are correct. If you need assistance, request it using the drop-down menu --- None of the information entered will be accessible to any other CW users, except for FlowCore staff. Then click "Submit". (Appointments made on the sorters and Calibur C request some additional information. Be sure to fill all the fields that apply to your work.) The "Notification Message" field can be used to enter a message that will be included in the appointment request email sent to the staff.

5. Your request will then be placed in a "Pending" state. This will block off the time slot you requested so that no one else can schedule over it. You will receive an email immediately informing you that the request was made. You may edit or delete the appointment while it is pending.

6. We will review the request within a business day and approve or deny it accordingly. Again, you will receive an email about this. Be sure to read your emails as we may approve an appointment conditionally but request other information or we may change the time when we approve it. If we reject the appointment we will likely give a reason in the email.

7. After the request is approved, you will still be able to edit or cancel it. If you edit it, it will return to a pending state and requires re-approval.


AddeEvent smaller


To edit or cancel an appointment:

1. Choose the instrument calendar that your appointment is in.

2. You appointments should display with the title of the appointment and the user name. Appointments that belong to other users will display "occupied" in their title field. Click on the underlined word in the appointment you want to change, this will open your appointment's Review Page.

3. In the Review Page there are the following icons you can click:

CWEdit - Edit: This will open the appointment's Edit Page, from there you can change any fields in the appointment such as date and time.

CWDel - Delete: This will open the Deletion Page. You may enter a reason for canceling the appointment that will be included in the text of the deletion email so we know why you've decided to cancel your appointment. (See the "Rates" page for our cancellation policy.)

CWVcal - VCal: This will download a VCal file of your appointment that can be moved into most desktop calendar programs, such as Outlook or Entourage.

CWVcard - VCard: This will download a VCard file of the appointment's owner. Since the owner is you, you probably do not need a VCard.

CWPrint - Print: This will send a copy of your appointment's details to your printer

CW duplication - Duplicate: This function is only for use by administrators. Please do not use it.

To change your Flow Cytometry Core account information:

To change your PTAO, PTAO expiration date, email address, or preferred contact phone number, do not submit a new Flow Cytometry Core Access form. Instead you should make these changes through your CW account. However, if your PI changes or a piece of information not accessible via the CW account, you will need to submit a new Flow Cytometry Core Access form.

It's easy to make change to your CW account info:

1. Log into CW.

3. Click on the underlined version of your user ID in the bottom-left of the screen (it should look something like this: peb3q). This will take you to your user data.

2. Review and update your account data. If any is missing you will be required to fill it in.

3. Click "Submit"

We update our user records when we calculate billing every month, so all charges for the current month will be charged according to what your account info is during the first week of the following month (eg March charges are made according to what your info is in the first week of April).


(See Rates, Services & Policies for our cancellation policy)