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Rates, Services & Policies

Effective March 1, 2012




BSL2+ Samples



Other Samples



Charges begin at the time scheduled plus one hour of set up time. This means if you are late you will be charged for the time you are late.
Cancellations: Must be made with at least three working day's notice. You must notify the FlowCore staff of any cancellations of sorting reservations.

Benchtop Analyzers


















Assisted w/ AMS






Unassisted w/ AMS






Minimum charge (ImageStreamX): One hour.
Minimum charge (Other Instruments): One half hour.
Cancellations: Must be made with at least one working day's notice.

Assisted Services

Assisted services may be requested between the hours of 9am - 5pm.

Cancellations: Must be made with at least three working day's notice.

Additional Services

  • Luminex Assay (for rates and upcoming mouse and human runs click here)
  • AutoMACS Pro - $50/hr
  • Data Analysis Workstation (unassisted) - $8/hr
  • Data Analysis (assisted) - $92/hr
  • FlowJo Software License - $79.61/quarter

  • Flow Cytometry Training Course:
    • Lecture & Lab - $586.50 (UVa-affiliated) / $903.21 (non-UVa)
      (Includes coupon for 2 free hours of assisted analytical service - $168.00 value)
    • Lecture only - $432  (UVa-affiliated) / $665.28  (non-UVa)

  • Consultation - $88/hr  (non-core Users) / Free (core Users)
  • Declog Instrument - $92/hr (15 min. minimum)

Billing policies

Late Arrival 

On all instruments, users are charged from the beginning of their reservation time. This means that if you are late you will be charged for the time between your scheduled start and your actual arrival. 


No-shows will incur usage fees for the entire reservation, including assistance (if requested). 

Cancellation deadlines are three full working days before the start of any sorting appointment and assisted appointments, and one full working day before any other FlowCore appointment. You must delete your appointment in iLab by these deadlines. Your appointment is not canceled until it has been deleted in iLab and you alone are responsible for deleting it.

Cancellations made after the deadlines are considered late and may incur full usage fees, like a no-show. However, deleting your appointment in iLab is better than leaving it on since it will allow the time slot to be reserved and used by another user. If someone else schedules and uses your canceled time, you will not be charged for that time. If no one else schedules or uses the time slot, you will be charged full usage fees for your late cancellation.

Billing Period  

Facility users are billed every month for hourly usage. 

Hours of Operation      

9 am - 5:00 pm   Monday-Friday 

Trained and experienced users may also request use of the instruments outside of the Core's staffed hours.  The first time a user requests such an appointment, prior approval must be given by the Core's director, Joanne Lannigan.  This initial request must be made at least 3 working days before the appointment.