Becton Dickinson/Cytek FACSCalibur Benchtop Analyzers

There are four FACSCalibur instruments in the FlowCore facility:

See the chart below for specific instrument configurations and optical layouts (click on FACSCalibur name):

                FACSCalibur A^ FACSCalibur B FACSCalibur C FACSCalibur D
FACSCalibur Summary Table 

*   A total of two channels can be selected with FACSCalibur B; either 2 off the 407nm or 1 off the 407nm and 1 off the 637nm. See instructions on using the Rainbow Acquisition software.

^  FACSCalibur A can run samples in a 96-well plate with the Automated Micro-Sampler (AMS) system. Download the Cytek AMS software to create layouts on your PC and save time. 

amsgif  FACS Calibur


Consult the facility for fluorochrome combination feasibility and necessary controls prior to designing your experiment. Feel free to use the  FACSCalibur A Staining Panel Worksheet to organize your experiment.

Located in Jordan Hall, Room 2011; 434-243-2711.

See Scheduling for information on scheduling time on these instruments.