Reflection Cell Sorter

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Reflection Cell Sorter

iCyt Reflection Cell Sorter

This sorter has two sort heads, six laser lines (355, 405, 488, 532, 594, 640), 12 color detection, can perform four-way cell sorting and is housed within a biosafety cabinet, allowing for sterile BSL 2+ sorting. This new instrument is capable of sort speeds of up to 20,000 events/s at efficiencies greater than 85%. Note that although there are six laser lines there are only two laser interrogation points which means the lasers share an interrogation point. The 488nm and 532nm lasers share one spot while the 405nm, 640nm, 594nm and 351nm lasers share the second. This configuration has implications for the filter configuration design limitations. For a current optical layout and possible fluorochromes please click here.

Consult the facility for available filter set ups, fluorochrome combinations, and appropriate controls, prior to designing your experiment. Located in Jordan Hall, Room 1213; 434-243-8493. 

See Scheduling for information on scheduling time on this instrument.