Becton Dickinson LSRFortessa

The LSRFortessa is the FCCF's newest multicolor analytical benchtop instrument. This instrument is equipped with four laser lines (488nm, 405nm, 561nm, and 640nm) and 16 fluorescent detectors. This configuration allows maximum flexibility in experimental design. Since PE excites optimally at around 560nm, the yellow-green 561nm laser provides optimal excitation of PE and the PE-Tandems increasing sensitivity for these fluorochromes. The current configuration allows for 3 colors off the blue laser (FITC, PerCP, and PerCP-CY5.5), 5 colors off the yellow-green laser (PE, PE-TR, PE-CY5, PE-CY5.5, PE-CY7), 3 colors off the red (APC, APC-CY7, Alexa 700) and 6 off of the violet (Pacific Blue, Pacific Orange, Aqua, Qdot 655, Qdot 705, BV786). The fluorochromes listed are just a few examples of the possible fluorochromes which can be used. For more examples and optical layout click here

Consult the facility for fluorochrome combination feasibility and necessary controls prior to designing your experiment. Feel free to use the Staining Panel Worksheet to organize your experiment.

All individuals who desire training must first complete the DIVA 6.0 Online Tutorial (even those with previous DIVA experience) as the training will assume a basic knowledge of the software. This instrument is located in Jordan Hall, Room 2011; 434-243-2711.

fortessa image

See Scheduling for information on scheduling time on this instrument.