Accessing the FlowCore Shared Network Server

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Accessing the FlowCore Shared Network Server

The Flow Cytometry Core has a network server that is available for all users to store data for later processing at the Core or elsewhere.
All users should move their data off of this server every month to keep it from filling up and blocking other users from storing data on it.

Accessing from outside of the Core:

The server can be accessed directly through the UVa network, or through a web portal. 

With a PC, follow the directions on this document.

With a Mac (OS X) follow these directions:

  • Click the 'Go' menu
  • Click "Connect to Server..."
  • Type: afp:// and enter your computing ID and your FCCF/Micro password (to access our server you must already have Access to the FCCFMicro Server). The server window should now open and you should be able to get to your PI's folder.


Resetting your FCCF/Micro Password

If you forgot your password, send an email to from the email account with the same ID as your FCCF/Micro account. We will reset your password which you can later change to whatever you would like on this web page.