FlowJo Site License

FlowJo Site License

Instructions for Obtaining a FlowJo Site License

Our data analysis facilities currently include five high speed computers with multiple data analysis programs, including FlowJo. To expand access to analysis software, the Flow Cytometry Core has negotiated a UVa site license with Treestar, Inc for the FlowJo data analysis program. There are versions of FlowJo for both PC and Mac. The license includes free program upgrades for the duration of the subscription.



To subscribe your computer to our UVa FlowJo site license, please complete the FlowJo form in iLab, this form is located under the "Request Services" tab. Licenses are hardware specific, which means the serial number will only work on the computer whose hardware address you provide in the Registration Form.

Instructions for PC users

Instructions for Mac users

All fields in the registration form must be completed properly for you to receive your serial number. After you submit the complete form, we will review the information and you will receive an email with registration information.


Pricing and Duration

The subscription lasts from the date you sign up until the following October (up to a maximum of 12 months). The annual fee is $318.44, billed once per quarter.  Site licenses include all upgrades free of charge.  


Once your information has been received and verified you will receive a serial number which you must enter in FlowJo on the computer whose hardware address you provided.