You must fill out the appropriate form(s) and be approved before scheduling usage times 

  • Request for Flow Cytometry Access (Please complete Service Request in iLab)



All non-electronic forms must be returned to:

Flow Cytometry Core, Jordan Hall room 2011 or Box 800734

Scheduling Usage Times

To schedule a block of time, access  'Calendars for the Web' (CW), check the schedule and enter your proposed time. You will receive an e-mail registering that you requested the time, and then another e-mail either confirming or denying your request. If you do not receive an e-mail response the facility has not received your request. Scheduling Instructions using CW.


Please note: if you schedule time and do not use it you will be charged unless you provide at least three working days' notice for sorting, two working days' notice for CyAn ADP use and 24 hours notice for Core Personnel and all other resources.