ss_images.xml — Extensible Markup Language (XML), 2Kb

File contents

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<album lgpath="images/slideshow/" tnpath="images/slideshow/" >
		Edit xml below to reflect the photos and/or thumbnails
		you have put in the "photos" folder and wish to have in 
		this slideshow.  Add caption if desired.
		example xml:
		<img src="Bluehills.jpg" 
		caption="These are the blue hills. " 
		Or to use image as thumbnail...
		<img src="example_picture.jpg" 
			caption="These are the blue hills. " 
	<!-------------DO NOT EDIT ABOVE ----------------------------->
		<img src="7535.jpg" 
		caption="Biophysics student David Murray running a real-time membrane fusion experiment." 
		<img src="7545.jpg" 
		caption="Biophysics student Chen Wan preparing to monitor segregation of synaptotagmin in model membranes by TIRF." 

		<img src="7565.jpg" 
		caption="Prof. Lukas Tamm discussing protein labeling results with grad students Marta Domanska and David Murray." 

		<img src="7595.jpg" 
		caption="Prof. Kelly Dryden loading a sample for cryoEM." 
		<img src="7636.jpg" 
		caption="SCBB Director Bob Nakamoto discussing results with grad students Christen Banchs and Natalie Negrey, and Prof. Jochen Zimmer." 
		<img src="7697.jpg" 
		caption="Grad student Dawn Herrick loading a sample in the 800 MHz NMR spectrometer." 
		<img src="7736.jpg" 
		caption="Grad student Brett Kronke (left) discussing results with undergrads Christopher Reyes and Jackie Hodges." 
		<img src="7752.jpg" 
		caption="Biophysics student Ricardo Flores Jimenez running an EPR experiment to assess membrane protein stability in detergent." 

		<!-------------DO NOT EDIT BELOW ----------------------------------->