How to Apply

How to Apply

To apply to the Biomedical Sciences Program, click here.


Graduate students begin matriculation between July 1 and the beginning of the fall semester the middle of August. Students may begin at the start of the fall semester but are strongly encouraged to arrive soon after July 1 to carry out the first laboratory rotation and any remedial courses that may be required. The stipend will begin soon after arriving in Charlottesville and the program advisor will help to arrange the rotation. Health insurance cannot start until August 15, so you are asked to secure your own insurance until that date.

We prefer to receive applications to our graduate program by December 15th. Later applications are usually  considered but only if the interview schedule has not already filled. We generally do not consider applications after April 1 and off cycle applications are deferred until the following winter.


Candidates will usually be contacted by the end of January and interviews are conducted between January and March. The status of all applications will be decided by May 1. The program will cover most expenses for an interview in Charlottesville. On occasion, interviews can be conducted at another location, but we strongly feel that it is in the candidate's best interest to visit UVa if at all possible.


In advance of applying, candidates should have the their Curriculum vitae prepared and the Graduate Record Exam already taken. Advanced FREs are not required. Where the applicant's home country does not use English as the primary language, applicants are required to take the TOEFL test. Candidates should be prepared to have their official undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) transcripts submitted and up to three references prepared to submit letters of recommendation. We strongly prefer references that are familiar with your research abilities, rather than didacts course instructors.


Please contact us if you have any questions.