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Graduate Programs Reimbursement Policies

Effective February 1, 2006

All restaurant meals must have an itemized receipt.  The University is now enforcing this long-standing policy as well as requiring extra signatures for alcohol purchases.

The following policies will apply to all reimbursement requests.

  • Reimbursement requests and financial questions should be directed to The Graduate Programs Office  (at 4-1744).

  • Appropriate receipts and proofs-of-purchase MUST be turned in to the Graduate Programs Office within 30 days of the expenditure for all recruiting, social, travel and health insurance reimbursements, or explain why you could not do so.  Your program administrator and the Associate Dean must approve any exceptions over 60 days.  Please make every effort to turn in April/May requests by June 10th of every year. 

  • Receipts and proofs-of-purchase MUST be accompanied by a completed Payment Request Form or appropriate travel forms.  Both the form and proof-of-payment definitions are available at:

  • Reimbursements are subject to your Program’s limitations.  Check with your Program Administrator.  Be sure to list the full names of all attendees.

  • No reminders will be sent to solicit your submission of receipts for reimbursements.

These policies are dictated by the current financial climate.  Because our programmatic funds are awarded on a year-by-year fiscal basis (July 1 through June 30), it’s important that costs be reimbursed in the year they’re incurred.  As an example, costs for a party in January that were not turned in for reimbursement until August came out of the next fiscal year.  We budgeted for those costs and had money to pay for the party in last year’s budget.  At the end of the fiscal year, all unused funds went back to the Dean.  Now, we have to use this year’s money to pay for all of this year’s costs plus last year’s party.  We have to plan each event in light of available funds.  Delayed charges might mean the difference in having an event or canceling it.

Most students have been prompt and have followed all guidelines.  We thank you and ask you to keep up the good work.  For those who haven’t been prompt and thorough, it’s now essential.  Be prompt and thorough with receipts or lose money!

It’s easier on your pocket and our accounting if all receipts are submitted as quickly as possible.