Women in Math and Science (WIMS)

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Women in Math and Science (WIMS)

WIMS 4-miler team 2011

Women in Math and Science (WIMS) is an organization which strives to provide support and guidance for female mathematicians and scientists at the University of Virginia; to create awareness of issues affecting career development and success; to centralize resources available for career and personal development; and to promote service outside of the University community for young scientists.

WIMS is involved in: 

  • Local Albemarle County elementary school outreach
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Introducing high school girls to graduate school research and life (Central Virginia Governor's School visit)
  • Holiday stocking drives for teens
  • Drives to collect toiletries and other necessities for a local women's abuse shelter
  • Local science fair awards
  • Charlottesville Women's 4-miler participation to raise money for UVA Women's Breast Care Center
  • Sponsoring career oriented events (Career Day, guest speakers during the year)
  • Contributing to GSASC committees investigating issues for graduate students (i.e. Parental leave policy for grad students) 
  • Social events and fundraising (cool cups and t-shirts) to raise money for WIMS activities


WIMS is geared toward all graduate students in the math and sciences, and we encourage all interested parties to attend events!