Department of Cell Biology

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Department of Cell Biology

The Department of Cell Biology at the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia.




The missions of the Cell Biology Department are to make significant new discoveries in the areas of cell, developmental, and regenerative biology and to educate and train a cadre of young scientists to prepare them to explore these and other areas of biomedical science.

Gumbiner Photo SmallThe research topics studied by the department faculty are quite diverse, but generally fall under the broader theme of morphogenesis.  more...

(B. Gumbiner, Department Chair)


News & Events

Sperm Meets Egg: New Reproductive Research Could Lead to Male Contraceptive, Dr. John Herr's Laboratory is featured on the cover of the scientific journal Biology of Reproduction. Read the UVA article here.

Incoming BIMS graduate student orientation will be held July 8th, 12:00pm.

Core Course in Integrative Biosciences (CCIB; BIMS 6000) first lecture is scheduled for Aug 17th, 9:00am, McKim 1023.

Cell Biology Lecture Series Begins in September (Details to be posted on calendar in July)





Basal body polarization is tightly controlled in developing auditory hair cells. Hair cells from E18.5 mouse auditory sensory epithelium stained for centrioles (green), basal bodies (red), and actin (blue).

Courtesy of Lu lab.