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General Information

GBS Officers 2013-2014


President Emily Billings    eab2th
Vice President  Katie Schiermeyer   kas3vx
Treasurer  Jason True   jt5kh
Secretary  Deborah Luzader   dh3bj
Professional Committee Chair  Ashley Wilson   alw5t
Academic Committee Chair  Jeffrey Teoh   jjt8vb
Publicity Committee Chair  Adam Labonte   acl5d
Social Committee Chair  Adam Greene arg7ef


Who We Are

The Graduate Biosciences Society (GBS) was founded in 1989 to act as the organizing body and faculty liaison for graduate students in those departments and interdisciplinary programs affiliated with the UVA School of Medicine. Our membership includes over 380 graduate students who are doing research in biochemistry, molecular genetics, biology, biomedical engineering, biophysics, cell biology, microbiology, molecular physiology, biological physics, neuroscience, pathology, and pharmacology.


GBS organizes many events including a Fall Welcome Reception, the monthly Student Seminar Series (GBS4), happy hours, a Spring Research Symposium, and a variety of programs designed to aid students with career planning. Through these events, we promote interaction between the many science departments at UVA and provide a positive atmosphere for the professional and personal development of tomorrow's scientific leaders.