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GBS Student Leadership Award

2015 GBS Student Leadership Award



This student nominated award recognizes Biomedical Sciences graduate students who have made outstanding and notable academic, professional, social, and/or service contributions for the University of Virginia and the local community.  This award is meant to commend well rounded graduate students who have achieved both academically and through service.  The following includes a list of accomplishments that would be of importance to this award:  participation in leadership at the University-wide level, participation in student organizations, teaching experience, research accomplishments, mentorship activities, and outreach to the University and greater Charlottesville areas.



Nominees must be a current doctoral candidate in his/her fourth year or higher in the Biomedical Sciences program at the University of Virginia.  Previous GBS Student Leadership Award winners cannot be nominated.


Nomination Packet:

-Primary nominating letter from a University of Virginia Biomedical Sciences graduate student with up to 3 additional letters/testimonials from additional University of Virginia graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty, one of which must be from the nominee’s primary research mentor (One page limit per letter).  Additional letters of support from former University of Virginia graduate students or post-doctoral students may also be solicited, with the condition that their date of completion at the University is no greater than one year from the time of letter submission.


Email nomination packets as a single PDF to Debi Luzader at by Monday, March 23.

Extra Materials from Nominee:


-Reflective statement about the nominee’s leadership contributions to the local and graduate community and how this has impacted them as a scientist (One page limit).

Email additional materials as a single PDF to Debi Luzader at by  Monday, March 30. 


The winner will be announced during the GBS Symposium on Thursday, April 16 and will receive $1000.


Selection Committee

The selection committee will be comprised of the following members (Members unable to attend the selection meeting or have a conflict of interest must have an organization representative replacement):

Four members from the executive committee of the Graduate Biosciences Society (GBS)

President of the Women in Math and Sciences (WIMS) organization

President of the Graduate Biomedical Engineering Society (GBMES)

Chair of the Graduate Engineering Student Council (GSEC)

President of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Council (GSASC)

President of the Mulholland Society of the School of Medicine

One faculty representative from the Graduate Biosciences Society (GBS) advisory board to serve as a non-voting member