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What Our Students Say

Quote from a GSP student at a domestic violence shelter, 2010-11, where GSP students taught health topics to shelter residents, e.g. healthy eating, stress reduction, etc.

“I really valued the increased freedom we were afforded by doing our Social Issues in Medicine service project through GSP. Instead of being assigned to a site and a project, we chose as a group to work at the Shelter for Help in Emergency, and were able to develop our project in an organic way by talking to the shelter's staff about what they needed and designing a series of classes for the residents specifically to address those needs.  Working on the project as a group was a wonderful experience as well; I learned so much from my fellow classmates, and we were each able to bring our individual skills and experiences to the project in various ways (our classes ranged from yoga and relaxation to healthy eating to tips for interacting with the health care system).  Plus, it was such a wonderful way to bond with my fellow GSPers, who have become some of my closest friends from medical school!"

- Peggy Lynch, SOM class of 2014

Quote from a GSP student at the regional jail, 2011-12, where GSP students taught male and female inmates in the Transitions Program about living a healthy lifestyle

“Although at first I was skeptical and quite nervous about teaching in this unfamiliar setting, our SIM experience at the Jail turned out to be very valuable and worthwhile. We built on team work by creating lesson plans and teaching alongside fellow GSPers.  I learned a lot about the topics for our lessons, and was able to interact with people who, despite finding themselves in difficult circumstances, were appreciative and eager to learn. I enjoyed the experience not only for allowing me an opportunity to be of service to others, but also for helping me build on skills that I will surely use in the future.”

- Rafael Villarreal-Calderon, SOM class of 2015