PCEP Practice Unit Tests

PCEP Practice Unit Tests

The PCEP practice unit tests are available on this page.  The tests are completed one at a time, can be repeated as many times as desired, and no fees are required.

Select the practice unit test to be completed from the list below.  You must click the "Check Answer" button to get a score and exit from the test.

NOTE: It is expected that you will complete all practice unit tests and book exams using Internet Explorer.  If a different browser is used we cannot guarantee the validity of scores. Book exams and practice unit tests must be completed in one session; learners cannot save their work or suspend progress.  Please do not start an exam unless you have time to complete and submit it.

Book I: Maternal and Fetal Evaluation and Immediate Newborn Care

            Unit 1: Is the Mother Sick? Is the Fetus Sick?

            Unit 2: Fetal Age, Growth, and Maturity

            Unit 3: Fetal Well-Being

            Unit 4: Is the Baby Sick?

            Unit 5: Resuscitating the Newborn

            Unit 6: Gestational Age and Size and Associated Risk Factors

            Unit 7: Thermal Environment

            Unit 8: Hypoglycemia

Book II: Maternal and Fetal Care

            Unit 1: Hypertension in Pregnancy

            Unit 2: Obstetric Hemorrhage

            Unit 3: Perinatal Infections

            Unit 4: Various High-Risk Conditions

            Unit 5: Abnormal Glucose Tolerance

            Unit 6: Premature Rupture and/or Infection of the Amniotic Membranes

            Unit 7: Preterm Labor

            Unit 8: Inducing and Augmenting Labor

            Unit 9: Abnormal Labor Progress and Difficult Deliveries

            Unit 10: Imminent Delivery and Preparation for Maternal/Fetal Transport

Book III: Neonatal Care

            Unit 1: Oxygen

            Unit 2: Respiratory Distress

            Unit 3: Umbilical Catheters

            Unit 4: Low Blood Pressure

            Unit 5: Intravenous Therapy

            Unit 6: Feeding

            Unit 7: Hyperbilirubinemia

            Unit 8: Infections

            Unit 9: Review: Is the Baby Sick? Identifying and Caring for Sick & At-Risk Babies

            Unit 10: Preparation for Neonatal Transport

Book IV: Specialized Newborn Care

            Unit 1: Direct Blood Pressure Measurement

            Unit 2: Exchange, Reduction, and Direct Transfusions

            Unit 3: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

            Unit 4: Assisted Ventilation With Mechanical Ventilators

            Unit 5: Surfactant Therapy

            Unit 6: Continuing Care for At-Risk Babies

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