Breast Care

Breast Care

2012 Comprehensive Breast Care & Imaging


Friday, October 19th

8:15 What is Breast Density (Jennifer Harvey)

9:15 New Legislation in Breast Density and Implications for the Nation (Jennifer Harvey)

10:30 Finding Cancer in Dense Breast Tissue (Jennifer Harvey)

11:30 Gamma Imaging of the Breast (Heather Peppard)

12:30 Quality at the Workstation (Jennifer Harvey)

2:00 Tomosynthesis and the UVa Experience (Brandi Nicholson)

3:15 Pros and Cons of Screening Ultrasound (Liane Philpotts)

4:15 How to Provide Screening US in Your Practice (Liane Philpotts)

Saturday, October 20th

8:45 Management of Common Clinical Scenarios (David Brenin and Brandi Nicholson)

10:30 LCIS and Other High Risk Lesions (Anneke Schroen)

11:15 Imaging Women with Dense Breasts: MRI, Tomosynthesis, Ultrasound (Jennifer Harvey)

12:30 Case-Based Scenarios (Jennifer Harvey, Brandi Nicholson, David Brenin, Anneke Schroen)

2:00 Communicating with Patients About the Pros and Cons of Ultrasound  (Brandi Nicholson)

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