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Web Based Activities

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A Gap Analysis of Community-Based HIV Management in the South - This CME-certified publication presents key findings of an educational initiative designed to identify knowledge gaps and barriers to the implementation of more routine HIV screening, testing, linkage, and retention by primary care providers in the Southern US.
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Breastfeeding Friendly Consortium is your one-stop resource for implementing the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative's 10 Steps for Successful Breastfeeding. Our comprehensive program offers certified training and fosters performance improvement through Maintenance of Certification approved activities and practice monitoring tools.

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CardioVillage This online CME program for cardiologists includes a wide selection of case-based learning programs. Cardiologists, primary care physicians and other medical professionals can use CardioVillage to obtain CME credit, review a specific area of cardiovascular medicine, or read commentary by experts. Access to CardioVillage and claiming CME credit is free.


Tobacco Free Alliance of Virginia

The Tobacco Free Alliance of Virginia is a broad partnership of private, not for profit and public leaders and organizations united in their focus on pricing of tobacco products, creating smoke-free environments, and funding tobacco prevention and cessation.

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Understanding Laboratory Testing for Lyme Disease

Christina Nelson, MD, MPH, FAAP, Medical Epidermiologist with the Division of Vector-Borne Diseases at the CDC, discusses two-tier serologic testing for Lyme disease, compares testing results at different stages of disease, assesses utitlity of additional diagnostic and "alternative" tests, and provides further resources for clinicians and patients.

New Born Screening

The Newborn Screening Education project is a joint venture between the Virginia Department of Health, the University of Virginia Office of Continuing Medical Education and Scitent to provide healthcare professionals and institutions with certified learning opportunities to ensure that all well newborns receive appropriate screening prior to discharge from the hospital.

Team A

Team A
is an innovative educational collaboration among ten organizations committed to improving patient outcomes through clinician education.  Team A will include an array of educational approaches designed from a competency-based framework to meet the needs of healthcare professionals caring for patients with atrial fibrillation needing anticoagulation therapy.