Minifellowship Opportunities

Minifellowship Opportunities

Minifellowship Opportunities

The mini-fellowship program at the University of Virginia School of Medicine provides an opportunity for the practicing physician to pursue specific learning needs through an individualized program of clinically-based study. The program is designed to create learning opportunities based on the educational objectives identified by the physician learner. The physician preceptor can then further clarify these objectives and translate them into a formalized curriculum. Evaluation methods for the experience are mutually determined by the learner and preceptor.

The Office of Continuing Medical Education, as the accredited provider for CME credits for the mini-fellowship program, is responsible for facilitating, monitoring, and evaluating the program. The format for the individualized programs is based on contract learning principles that clarify learner needs and formulate objectives into specific clinically oriented experiences.

The Office of Continuing Medical Education provides mini-fellowship packets to interested physicians and assists them in developing their objectives as part of the planning process for the experience. The objectives and general time frames are then forwarded to the appropriate division chief or department head for the specialty area so that final plans can be developed. The preceptor then contracts with the physician learner to meet the identified objectives (and any additional objectives that are mutually determined) through specific learning activities. The contract is signed and forwarded to the CME office for approval. Upon completion of the program and receipt of the evaluation form, the Office of Continuing Medical Education issues Category 1 AMA credit for the appropriate number of hours and sends a certificate to the physician.

The fees for the mini-fellowship program can be determined on a weekly basis or by credit hour. The recommended fees are $250 per day or $1250 per week. An administrative fee of $50 per day is charged by the Office of Continuing Medical Education for its role in facilitating, monitoring and accrediting the programs.

In order for the Office of Continuing Medical Education to process your application for a mini-fellowship that includes direct patient contact, the following information must accompany the application and the learner contract:

  • Copy of your medical license
  • Copy of the face sheet of your malpractice insurance policy
  • Copy of your current curriculum vitae

A request for temporary clinical staff privileges will be processed by the host department to the hospital Medical Practice Committee. These privileges will only be in effect for the dates and times specified on the learning contract.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Continuing Medical Education at (434) 924-5310 or by using the MIRS hotline at 1-800-552-3723.

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