Editing Documents

Editing Documents

A tutorial on "checking out" a document from Sharepoint for the purpose of making edits.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to "check out" a document from Sharepoint while you make edits to it. If you simply need to read the document, see the tutorial on "Reading Documents."

Check Out the Document

It's important to prevent anyone from editing the document while you are reviewing and making comments/edits. To do this, the document must be "checked out." To do so, hover over the name of the document link. A border will appear with a down arrow to the right. Click the arrow and select Check Out. 
Checkout in Dropdown
You will then see this window:
Checkout in Dropdown Menu
Do NOT check the box "Use my Local Drafts Folder" -- just click "OK."
Once a document is checked out, a small green square with an arrow will appear on top of the document icon, as shown below:
Checkout Icon on Document Icon
The document is now ready to edit. To do so, click on the document name. You will get a prompt as pictured below:
Suspicious File Warning
Click OK. This will launch MS Word. 

Editing in MS Word

You will once again get a prompt to login. This is because you are now editing a document that resides on the SharePoint server so it will need to re-authenticate you. Login just as you did for Sharepoint, using your eservices password. If you have chosen to use your local draft folder when checking your document out, when the document opens, it will have a yellow bar on the top indicating it is read-only. Click "Enable Editing" to be able to go in and make comments/edits:
Enable Editing
The yellow bar will then disappear. Now you may edit or add comments as you would any MS Word document. If you didn’t use your local draft folder you shouldn’t see a yellow bar and can edit right away. 

Checking In Document

When you are satisfied that your edits are complete, or if you have reviewed the document and there are no edits, you'll want to check the document in for the next person. To do so, click the icon that says “Check In” where you would normally find “save” or “save as” (the "File" tab):

CheckIn in MS Word File Tab
Once you check the document in, or discard check out, it will be available for someone else. Return to SharePoint. You may find that the green arrow is still there. If so, refresh the page and it will go away. 
Once the green arrow is gone, it is available for the next person to review. Following are instructions for sending it to the next reviewer.

Sending the Document to the Next Reviewer

You should have received instructions regarding who is next in the queue for your particular working group or subcommittee. The next step is to send the document link to them directly from SharePoint. To do so, hover over the document name again to get the dropdown and select "Send to > Email a Link":
Drop Down with Email Link
This will bring up Outlook with a new email window that displays the link to the document in SharePoint. Type in the email address of the next in the queue, with any short message you desire, and send.
Email of Document to Next in Queue
When your working group is finished with the document, it should be forwarded to your LCME Subcommittee Co-chairs.  They will review and then send on to their LCME coordinator and to the Steering Committee.
That's it!