Accessing Sharepoint

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Accessing Sharepoint

Instructions for LCME working groups, subcommittees, steering committee and executive committee on how to use SharePoint to share and update database documents.

Why the Double Login?

The LCME Committee is using Microsoft SharePoint to manage the sharing of documents comprising the LCME database. The UVa SharePoint installation runs on the main UVA network, not the Health System network. As such, you will encounter the need to login once to SharePoint and once again when you open a document. The mechanisms to eliminate the second login may compromise security so are not recommended.SharePoint is being used to store and share database files for the LCME review. Below are the instructions on how to download, update, and upload documents:

Obtain an Eservices Password

You will need an "eservices" password to login to SharePoint. This is a password that is given out by UVA's central Information Technology Services. Most Health System faculty and staff already have an eservices password, but may not be aware of it. If you have never used your eservices password, you'll need to do an "in person validation" in order to have your password activated or reset. Options for this include:
  • Claude Moore Health Sciences Library: You can get your eservices password at the library where the circulation desk offers ID verifications on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM.  Library representatives will check your credentials for an eservices password. Bring your UVA Health System ID card. MAKE SURE TO LOGIN TO A LIBRARY WORKSTATION TO VERIFY YOUR PASSWORD BEFORE LEAVING! 

    For more information, visit
  • More sites for in-person ID validation: Check out this site for more information on locations for ID validation.

Recommended Browsers

WINDOWS: It is highly recommended that you use Internet Explorer 8 or higher with SharePoint. Internet Explorer will give you the full range of functionality with SharePoint and MS Office document management tools.
MAC: Safari or Firefox, latest versions. Chrome on a Mac is NOT recommended.
The following tutorial assumes the use of supported browsers.

Login to Sharepoint

You will use your eservices password to login to SharePoint. Visit and you will get a prompt to login. You'll need to type your login WITH the eservices "domain" as shown in the screenshot below:

Login with the eservices domain
Although it's tempting to use "Remember my credentials," we advise against it for security reasons. Click "OK" to login.

Find Your Document

On the left-hand side, you will see links to document libraries organized by LCME subcommittee. Navigate first to the LCME subcommittee you are serving on, and continue linking through to your working group sub-folder and then to the document you need to review or edit.  Please note: You may have information in an additional folder in your subcommittee library!  If you have a question where your document is at or where to file it back once you are done, please see the “Where is my subcommittee document located?” document that appears at the bottom of each list of subcommittee folders.
Once you find your document library, you'll need to know if you are going to either simply read the document OR if you are going to edit the document. For information on how to do either of these, select the appropriate tab at the top of the page.