Important Links and Info

Important Links and Info

Emailing Your Subcommittee

To send an email to your entire subcommittee search for “CL LCME” in the global address book and select the specific subcommittee to whom you would like your email to be addressed.

Viewing LCME Calendar Meetings

To view all your subcommittee meeting times:

From the Outlook calendar main menu select “Open Calendars” located near the center of the top toolbar.  Then select “Open Shared Calendar” from the drop down.  Type in “R LCME” in the name field and click “OK”.  Check the box on the newly populated shared calendar on the left side of the screen.  Subcommittee meetings have been color-coded for easy recognition of your specific subcommittee meetings.

UVA’s SOM LCME Website

To view UVA’s information about our reaccreditation process, committee membership, timelines, news, links, and general information:

Viewing Your Working Group Documents/Submitting Working Group Answers

For Instructions on how to log onto UVA’s LCME SharePoint site, view, and edit your subcommittee and working group documents, please see the information behind the SharePoint Instructions tab in this binder.  SharePoint is a Microsoft product that is fairly straight-forward and easy to navigate.  If you have problems using SharePoint please contact Mary O’Leary at

Important LCME Links

For a copy of all the LCME standards:

For LCME publications, resources, glossary, timeline and staff information:

For questions about the Independent Student Analysis:

For accreditation news, notices and general information: