Independent Student Analysis

Independent Student Analysis


The LCME considers the students’ perspective as important as the documentation submitted by the School of Medicine. The students views are learned through an independent student study and in meetings with students during the site visit. 

Independent Student Analysis 
At the same time that the school begins its self-study process, the students begin an independent review of the medical education program, student services, the learning environment, and the adequacy of educational resources.

The Student Self-Survey Team will conduct a survey of all enrolled students to develop a comprehensive picture of their perceptions of School’s program. Their report should highlight notable strengths and achievements and note areas that should be improved. The School will provide the same type of administrative support for the students as is given to groups in the School’s self study.

Submitting the Report
The student report will be submitted to the LCME at the same time as the School submits its required documentation in July 2014.

Independence of the Student Study
Although medical school officials provide logistical support and technical advice to students to help them conduct their survey and analyses, they will not be involved in developing the student survey, analyzing the survey data, or writing the  report.

Incorporating Student Findings and Recommendations into the School’s Self-Study
The student report will be made available to the School’s self-study task force so that student opinion can be fully incorporated into the School’s final self-study summary.