Debt Management

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Debt Management


 If you have specific questions about debt management, please contact your counselor.


Budgeting Worksheet

Start your debt management early by minimizing debt!  The Financial Aid Office has created a budget worksheet, in Excel format, to help you keep track of your expenses and figure out what you need to borrow.  Fill in your information, being as conservative as possible, and the worksheet will help you to determine how much you may need to request in loan funds. 


Get Out of Debt!

The Motley Fool has a great debt management workbook, which you can download here.  Use this workbook as a financial planning tool to organize your debts, start eliminating debt, and learn to budget around your debt. 


Other Resources

There are several good loan repayment calculators at

The AAMC has has a financial literacy site, FIRST for Education.

NSLDS - The NSLDS website tracks all federal student loans, but is not always the most up-to-date.  Remember, if your loan has been sold, your Guarantor will always know who owns your loan.  Also, you can view your loan information from your lender or servicer's website (for example, if you have student loans through Direct Loans or Bank of America).