Pre-Clerkship Committee - Meeting Minutes

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Pre-Clerkship Committee - Meeting Minutes

Pre-Clerkship Committee
(Systems Community Leadership)
 Meeting Minutes


Findings from Recent Evaluations, Educational Technology, Policies and Procedures for Instructional Support Purchase Orders and Reimbursements, Academic Standards and Achievement Committee, Collaborative Teaching and Faculty Evaluation and Credit for Teaching
 12/14/11  Pilot of Immediate Feedback on Exams, Endo-Repro System Report, NextGen Friday Forum Summary, Goals of Teaching, Collaborative Learning Award, How System Leaders Group Can Help System Leaders, Handling Remediation, Celebration for SMD 2014
11/09/11  Sign-In Sheets, Textbooks, XCredit, University-wide Demo of TBL, Recap of Friday Forum, Overview of Renal System, Report on MCM 2015, Accreditation Issues at AAMC, Associate Dean for Medical Education Research and Instructional Support
10/12/11  Remediation Policy for SMD2014, Process for CSL meetings, Microphones for Auditorium, Online App for Setting up TBL Questions, Discussion Boards, Group E-mails to SMD2014 and SMD2015, Role and Responsibilities of College Deans, Demonstration of TBL, New Staff for Curriculum Support, Coding Policy for Patient Interviews
08/10/11  Staff Changes in the Office of Medical Education Support, Curriculum Changes at University of Miami SOM, Form for Feedback to Individual Faculty, New Policies
Reimbursement and Responsibilities for Clinician System Leaders, Oasis for All Educational Resources, Revised MCM, Discussion Boards, System Leader Feedback to System Faculty, Organization of Monthly System Leaders Meeting
06/15/11 Experience of the GI System Leaders, System Leaders Proposed Policies, Approved Schedules for SMD 2014, 2015
05/11/11 Recommendations About Testing/Assessments, Approved Schedules for Preclerkship Curriculum for Class of 2014 and 2015
04/13/11 Faculty Attitudes Expressed to Students, Workshops for Systems Faculty, Organization of Upstairs/Downstairs Schedule for Fall, Upcoming TBL Session, Faculty Evaluations, MBB System - Lessons Learned, X-Credit, Course Design 2011 - Teaching Resource Center
03/09/11 Review of Cardiovascular System, Collab site for System Leaders, Teaching Tips from MSI, TBL Sessions in MBB, Copyright Issues
02/09/11 Curriculum Management and Support, Scheduling Classroom Space during the Overlap Period, TBL Team Being Developed, Pulmonary Schedule and Planning, 3/9/11 Meeting Agenda

System and Thread Leaders Review - Action Items and Recommendations

12/08/10 Student Report, New Instructional Designer, Technology Update, Professional Expectations, Drug Names, Praise and Concern Cards, LGBT Thread
11/10/10 Demonstration for UVA Medical Alumni Association, Town Hall Meeting for First Year Students, Thread Leaders Meeting, Developing Effective TBL Applications, Teaching "Animal Physiology" by TBL, Commuhnications Between Systems, Booklist for 2011
10/13/10  Learning Studio and Lecture Hall Access, Equipment Problems, Honor System, Exams, Student Representation, MCM, Curriculum Evaluation
09/07/10  Committee Leadership, CV System, Team Based Learning (TBL), MCM, Attendance Policy and Absences
08/10/10 "Scheduling Assistant" Software, Journal Club Discussions, MCM, Populating the Curriculum Management Database, Moving Students to Independent Learning, Lecture Notes, Assessments, Textbooks

Textbooks, Equipment Capabilities of the MEB  Learning Studio and Auditorium, Credit for Teaching Activities, Thread Integration, Guidelines for Evaluation and Grading, Student Feedback, Handouts


Textbooks and related learning tools, UME Allocation, System Support, Oracle, General Guidance for Teaching Activities


Use of a uniform week identification, Identify and use a common schedule, Molecular and Cellular Medicine, Textbooks, Handouts and Other Tools,  Team Based Learning, Integrated Assessment


Introductions, Meeting Times, Purposeof the System Leader Community Leadership Committee, Support for Integrated Clinical Sciences, Faculty Development