System Leader Minutes 08/10/10

System Leader Minutes 08/10/10

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Systems Leadership Community
August 10, 2010


Health Sciences Library Room 1212 (Mock Learning Studio), 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were:  Brian Behm, Alan Binder, Robert Bloodgood, Megan Bray, Chris Burns, Heather Burns, Mary Bryant, Troy Buer, Bobby Chhabra, Pam Clark, Bruce Cohen,  Eugene Corbett, Alan Dalkin, John Dent, Don Innes, Kambiz Kalantarinia, Stuart Lowson, Jen Marks, Melanie McCollum, Mo Nadkarni, Bart Nathan, Selina Noramly,  Chris Peterson, Mitch Rosner, Mark Russell, Neeral Shah, Allan Simpson, Jonathan Truwit, Linda Wagoner-Fountain, Mary Kate Worden, Zhen Yan, Elizabeth Bradley, Addeane Caelleigh,  Terri Ellison, John Jackson, Karen Knight, Darci Lieb, Jim Martindale, Veronica Michaelsen, Sue Pollart, Lisa Herrman, Brad Bradenham, Andrew Pfeffer, Jason Woods  

Note:  attendance not noted.
Convenor:  Don Innes


  1.   “Scheduling assistant” software.  Don Innes will discuss options for the common scheduling assistant (appointment calendar software) to be used for setting meetings and will choose one for everyone to use.

  2. Journal Club discussions.  Sue Pollart suggested that the Journal Club include articles related to the Threads content.

  3. Report on MCM.  Selina Noramly and Linda Waggoner-Fountain reported that they are still discussing with faculty some of the sub-components of the MCM curriculum and that they have set additional deadlines for faculty to deliver materials.  They need to discuss some assessment issues with other system leaders:  assessment schedules (plans for weekend exams); policies about assessment (can students pass an exam and yet fail a section of a system curriculum; etc.)

  4. Populating the Curriculum Management Database.  Addeane Caelleigh, on behalf of Veronica Michaelsen, reminded system leaders that deadlines are approaching for entering the Hour-by-Hour grids/schedules into the database.  Don Innes noted that this may need to be done as the curriculum year progresses.

  5. Moving students to independent learning.  Melanie McCollum commented that it would help later system leaders to know the progression of students toward independent learning.  The MCM leaders noted that they were trying to have no more than two hours of “lecture” per day (and even those would include active learning activities) but that they are limited by faculty unwillingness to use new methods.  The aim is to have the students arrive prepared (not arrive as sponge but prepared to participate).

  6. Lecture notes.  Several issues were discussed about lecture notes.  --In response to a question about whether there was a common template for lecture notes, the group concluded that there was not.  The formats vary both by system and within systems.

    *Selina Noramly noted that all courses now folded into MCM have usually given detailed lecture notes; if those are re-used for MCM, it may set up expectations that later systems would do the same.  Melanie McCollum commented that it would definitely get off on the wrong foot to give detailed lecture notes.  A student member commented that a page of notes without the learning objectives would be useless.  In answer to a question about whether students were used to online textbooks, they answered no, because they were used to using lecture notes instead. 

    * Don Innes summarized that students should receive a variety of materials; only if materials are not available should the faculty prepare handouts/lecture notes.

  7. Assessments.  Don Innes noted that the assessments would also cover CPD topics—that is, everything is integrated into the assessment questions.  Bruce Cohen commented that this means the systems leaders and thread leaders must write the questions together.  Melanie McCallum asked whether there should be a standard, that is, that a certain percentage of questions must be “integrated” questions.  Jim Martindale (Assessment Community) said that the faculty absolutely needed to do “integrated” questions.  He has excellent resources from other medical schools about learning objectives and assessments, and he is writing an overview document on assessment.

  8. Textbooks.  Don Innes asked that members send him the names of textbooks that they plan to use; he will create a combined list and distribute it.

  9. Next scheduled meeting.  The next meeting will be Wednesday, April 15, 2010, in the Mock Learning Studio.