Retreat 05.09.12

Retreat 05.09.12


MAY 9, 2012

Attending:  (21 People)

  • CTS
  • CPD - Mary Bryant
  • SIM – Dela Alexander
  • MCM – Selina Noramly, Linda Waggoner-Fountain
  • MIS – Chris Burns
  • MSI - Mary Bryant, Melanie McCollum
  • MBB - Mary Kate Worden, Bruce Cohen, Nassima Ait-Daoud Tiouririne, Bart Nathan
  • GI – Brian Behm, Neeral Shah
  • CV – John Dent
  • PULM – Elizabeth Gay, Stewart Lowson
  • ENDO/REPRO Alan Dalkin
  • HEM/ONC Pam Clark, Don Innes
  • Other: Regina Seitz, Sabrina Nunez, Casey White, Randy Canterbury


Materials: System Leader 2012 May Retreat Agenda, System Leader Guidebook Draft

Goals for the retreat: Making our jobs easier and smoothing out differences between our systems to help our students learn.

Getting started activity: Why are you a System Leader? What is the vision for your system?

“Best Practices in System Leadership” - Tips from system leaders

Introductions of Faculty

  • Let students know what wonderful faculty they have
  • Provide continuity in the course and increase system leader “face Time”
  • Put each session in context with the system.


Discussion Board

  • Some systems make good use of discussion boards (MBB, MSI), while others have had difficulty.
  • Direct all questions about course content by students to discussion board so that students must go there for the answer and the whole class benefits.
  • System leaders report that students use the discussion board more frequently when encouraged to do so in this way.
  • This results in system leaders writing fewer emails.


Active Learning slides

  • If you want to keep some content out of the ppt file provided to students, replace those slides with empty “place holder” slides so that students can take notes and easily insert any post-class slides.
  • Or put a box over the answers. Most people do not delete the box.
  • With turning point you can also block out the next slides so that students do not see the answers (or turn off the answer indicator).



  • Students want more knowledge before seeing patients. Maybe see patient on Thursday.
  • However, some systems (MIS) use patient to set the weekly theme in a clinical context.
  • Students go for content… however patient skills/interactions is important.
  • The role of the CPD patient presentation should be carefully explained to system leaders and students.


Weekly Overview for Students and Faculty – what do systems do?

  • Debate about how to best share weekly course overview and assignments with students. This needs to be resolved for uniformity.
  • Some systems rely on Oasis/Student Source, others send weekly email of dates and deadlines (Sabrina Nunez can provide a template).
  • Consider recording camtasis overview of week using the ppt grid. This could be made available to faculty and other system leaders so they can monitor what’s going on throughout the course and the curriculum.


  • Institutional version of camtasia?
  • Collaboration with Pharm and PharmDs works well.
  • Change where a system leader sits - sit w. students


Policy for exam questions

The policy for formative/summative exams was reviewed and there was little consensus on any changes for smd16. It was suggested that this be revisited in a meeting dedicated to this topic.

  • Students would like to see all the questions for everything. Some faculty feel questions need to be secured.
  • In the future we may be able to create an individualized report for the students showing which LOs they need to master.
  • Faculty and SL should not discuss questions with any students before the exam is closed.


New content on Fridays and can it be tested?

  • Formative: Yes, as long as students got the material at least 3 days in advance.
  • Summative: No.
  • For the future, consider divorcing summatives from systems – so that all system examinations are formative and summatives can include more than one system and more closely reflect Step 1.
  • For the future, consider buying high quality MCQs.
  • Are open book formatives permitted?
  • No points for attendance
  • Emphasize that students must not copy any questions under any circumstance because this is an honor code violation.


Expectations of teaching faculty:

System leaders agreed that it would be helpful for all faculty to get warnings from OME as deadlines for submitting materials approach. Perhaps 3 mo/1mo/1 week.

  • The time windows were not agreed upon.
  • Setting deadlines too early will cause faculty to ignore them and the real deadlines too.
  • Setting deadlines too late will make it difficult for the xcredit review process.


Information provided by some systems to faculty in a “packet”

  • Student evaluations
  • Observer data
  • System leader observations
  • Exam questions (OME can help including item analysis)
  • Currently there is no instructional design support


What do we do next?

  • Need to engage the system leaders that could not come today.
  • We need to work more of consensus, expectations, work load?
  • Send out request for specific questions that systems want to have addressed.
  • Schedule meeting to discuss grading and assessment including Casey.
  • Discussion meetings for grading and assessment


Chris Burns