Minutes 10.10.12

Minutes 10.10.12

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Systems Leadership Community
October 10, 2012

 Medical Education Building, Sim Center Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.


Present (underlined) were:

Behm (GI), Bray (Endo-Repro), Bryant (CPD & MSI), Bradley, Chen, Clark (HemOnc), Cohen (MBB), Dalkin (Endo-Repro),Dent (CV), Douvas (HemOnc), Durieux (C2S), Gay (Pul),Innes (HemOnc),Kalantarinia (Ren), Lorenz (M&I), Lowson (Pul), McCollum(MSI), McDaniel (CPD), Marks (CPD), Moyer (Pul), Nadkarni (SIM), Nathan(co-chair) (MBB), Nunez, Noramly (co-chair), Pearson (M&I), Rosner (Ren), Russell (MSI), Shah (GI), Tiourirne(MBB), Waggoner-Fountain, Worden (MBB); also Alexander, Bradley, Caelleigh,Canterbury,Casola, Graham, Jackson,Knight, Rogers, Roy,Tomlin,Yoon.

  Bart Nathan

  1. “Opt-in” or “Opt-out” for Discussion Forum.  The SMEC reps for 2015 asked that the access to each system’s discussion forum be changed to “opt-in” (as in the current system) to “opt out.”  Decision:  The system will be changed to “opt-out.”  A message will be sent to students saying that the change is being made at their request.  John Jackson noted that the students may also choose “digest” in order to get a digest of each day’s forum messages if they do not wish to receive all messages as they are sent.

  2. Students’ copying exam questions (including screen shots) during exams.  Additional warnings have been added to exams.  Austin Sim, one of the School’s Honor Committee representatives, has sent a message to students saying that any copying, including screen shots, is a violation of the Honor Code.  The group discussed what students are permitted to copy from the feedback they receive at the end of an exam. 

  3. Feedback on missed exam questions.  Decision:  The group agreed that students will be given the LOs attached to questions they miss.  The group agreed that students may copy the LOs attached to a missed question.

  4. Report from the TBL Education Group.  Donna Chen reported on the work, guidelines, and recommendations of the TBLEG.  (Slides from this presentation are available from Donna Chen.)

    (a)    Skills that TBL teaches/fosters capabilities they will need as physicians:  working on teams; feedback skills; making decisions under conditions of uncertainty and ambiguity; and accountability for following bureaucratic rules (aka Rule Following)

    (b)    Designing “enhanced TBLs”—with additional elements beyond standard TBL

    (c)    Role of the group:  to give advice and assistance to faculty and to meet the goals of enhanced TBLs

    (d)   The group has created a two TBL websites:  for faculty (with tools and resources) http://www.med-ed.virginia.edu/CourseSites/ViewPage.cfm?id=201; and for students (with information about TBL in medical education) http://www.med-ed.virginia.edu/CourseSites/ViewPage.cfm?id=202.

    In reply to a question, Randy Canterbury recommended that faculty publish their TBLs (in Med Ed Portal, for example) before sharing them with other schools.

  5. Payment to patients invited to participate in the curriculum (e.g., Patient Presentations).  Don Innes announced that patients receive an honorarium and free parking; their expenses for housing and meals are not covered.

  6. Assessing and using data from the new faculty/session evaluations.  This agenda item will be carried over to the next meeting.

  7. Next meeting.  The next meeting will be Wednesday, November 14, 2012