Minutes 10.09.13

Minutes 10.09.13

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Pre-Clerkship Meeting
Minutes – 10/9/13 

Claude Moore Medical Education Building, Room G165, 4:00 p.m.

Present: Melanie Tomlin, Paula Roy, Barb Rogers, Randy Canterbury, Elizabeth Gay, Laurie Archbald-Pannone, Karen Knight, Anne Tuskey, John Dent, Richard Pearson, Neeral Shah, Darci Lieb, Eva Casola, Celia Dennison, Sabrina Nunez, Mary Kate Worden, Ulrike Lorenz, Robin LeGallo, Don Innes

  1. Report from FOM System Leaders re: helpful hints of working with deaf student in class of SMD17: Laurie Pannone and Mary Kate Worden (see Appendix A with more details of their presentation)

    A.   Microphones in LS and Aud – volume can be too loud for close-captioning (CC) technician, all speakers (faculty & students) must use mics to be CC, handheld mic works better than lavaliere

    B.   CC of PRLs – be aware of imported PRLs to avoid overlooking them, all PRLs must be CC well in advance, assessment questions cannot be asked on non-CC PRLs, occasional glitches in CC when technical terms are used.

    C.   Technical problems – contact Matt Dickerson, Mike Dawson or Christopher Read if problem arises. Interpreter can take over until problem is solved.

    D.   TBL activities are transcribed but materials are not supposed to leave the room – this issue will be discussed by the Curriculum Committee and TBLEG

  2. Best Practices in Cardiovascular System: John Dent and Sabrina Nunez

    What Worked Well:

    Problem Sets
    A.   One every week for about 2 hours each with ¾ of time in group discussion and ¼ of time discussing difficult problems. 

    B.   They are created in the online testing system using USMLE-style questions, close book and graded (1-2% of grade).

    C.   Groups are self-selected and are a good example of active learning. 

    D.   Review questions were added to weeks 2-4 Problem Sets and students appreciate them for review (not introduction of new material).

    E.   Improvement for next year – recruit CV Fellows to circulate in the room and identify difficult questions or discussions going off track.

    Areas of Improvement
    A.   Change in curriculum to follow the Renal System resulted in a loss of two days of Anatomy and Histology.  As a result, the first week was very difficult and students fell behind.  It is hoped that next year the schedule will revert back to the original plan of Renal followed by CV followed by Pulmonary.

    B.   Team Teaching with Pharmacology – use split screens to project clinical case on one screen and pharm case on the other to help students keep track.

    C.   Cardiac Surgery – too much time spent on it and too detailed for Med1 level of experience.  Female surgeon presenter does inspire females in the class to consider surgery as a specialty.

    D.   Physiology – continues to be a challenge to teach at appropriate level.  Fourth year student helped a lot with review sessions.

    Plan for 2014
    Two TBLs were included in the schedule for 2013 and that will be the same for 2014.

    Recruit Radiology Fellows to present simple cases at the end of the 4th week, including images of normal pathology.

  3. Announcements from Elizabeth Graham in absentia:
    Instructional Support Coordinators (ISCs) receive learning resources (handouts, powerpoints) at the last minute, which leads to anxiety and mistakes – System Leaders will encourage their faculty to submit them in advance.

    CPD is not receiving information on patients for morning Patient Presentations in a timely manner.  Protocol attached (Appendix B).   Eva requested that patients, especially those from out of town, be scheduled later in the morning instead of at 8:10 am.

    Many presenters are not providing page numbers for the Week-at-a-Glance.  If the book is available, ISCs can provide them, but it is difficult with online resources. Karen Knight reported that one of the online sources, MD Consult, will be discontinued in June of 2014 due to budgetary restrictions.

  4. Announcements from Dr. Canterbury
    SMEC reps for SMD17 have been selected and they are Lee Eschenroeder and Brian Wakefield.  They have already met with Dr. Canterbury (at their request) and both show a strong interest in medical education.  This led to a discussion of who will be the class rep for the CSL lunches – Sabrina reported that the rep for SMD16, Connie Hsia, will reach out to Lee and Brian to find someone to help organize these events for their class.  Sabrina has identified 12 students from the class and has organized two lunches for the CTMD system on 10/14 and 10/28.


Barbara Rogers