Minutes 08.08.12

Minutes 08.08.12

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Systems Leadership Community
August 8, 2012

Medical Education Building, Clinical Skills Center Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.


Present (underlined) were:

Behm (GI), Bray (Endo-Repro), Bryant (CPD & MSI), Clark (HemOnc), Cohen (MBB), Dalkin (Endo-Repro), Dent (CV), Douvas (HemOnc), Durieux (C2S), Gay (Pul),Innes (HemOnc), Kalantarinia (Ren), Lorenz (M&I), Lowson (Pul), McCollum(MSI), McDaniel (CPD), Marks (CPD), Moyer (Pul), Nathan (MBB), Nunez, Noramly, Pearson (M&I), Rosner (Ren), Russell (MSI), Shah (GI), Tiourirne(MBB), Waggoner-Fountain, Worden (MBB); also Alexander, Bradley, Caelleigh, Canterbury, Casola, Graham, Jackson, Knight, Nadkarni, Rogers, Roy.

Note:  Because no sign-in sheet was circulated, all participants may not be noted above.


Convener:  Bart Nathan


  1. Discussion of the Policy Manual for Pre-Clerkship Curriculum and the Attendance Procedure.  The revised policy on attendance and the related procedure document were the primary discussion topic. 

    The topic generated broad discussion: 
    (a)    attendance policy for different types of educational sessions

    (b)    the goal of the attendance policy:  (1) to generate an automated notice to the College Deans; (2) to inform System Leaders so they can correlate attendance patterns and assessment results; (3) monitoring students’ professional responsibility to attend required sessions

    (c)    80%  threshold for reporting absences to College Deans

    (d)   Mechanism for taking attendance:  by logging in for a yes/no “quiz” on the computerized testing system; it can be done only in the Med Ed Building;

    (e)    Need to remind students to complete the attendance “quiz”; suggestions were that all faculty remind them or that the students have responsibility for the reminder.

    (f)     The need to have the final policy in the handbook for Class 2016 immediately.

  2. Revised list of what will be recorded.  The attendance policy determines which sessions will be recorded.  After discussion, the decision was

    (a)    Recorded:  case presentation; digital lab; large group session; lecture; online learning; panel discussion; review sessions

    (b)    Not recorded:  patient presentation; TBL; small-group discussion; problem sets

  3. Voting for a co-chair.  Melanie McCollum and Selina Noramly agreed to stand for election, and System Leaders voted by secret ballot.  Selina Noramly was elected Co-Chair.

  4. Next meeting.  The next meeting will be Wednesday, September 12, 2012