Minutes 05.14.14

Minutes 05.14.14

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Pre-Clerkship Meeting
Minutes – 5/14/14

Claude Moore Medical Education Building, Room G165, 4:00 p.m.

Present: Mark Moody, Randy Canterbury, Laurie Archbald-Pannone, Richard Pearson, Neeral Shah, Bart Nathan, Linda Wagonner-Fountain, Sabrina Nunez, Robin LeGallo, Ulrike Lorenz, Elizabeth Graham, Elizabeth Bradley, Casey White, Melanie McCollum, Bart Nathan, Kambiz Kalantari, Don Innes, Darci Lieb, Melanie Tomlin, Barb Rogers

General Announcements – Keywords for x-credit are being finalized.  If any system leader wants to request any changes, they should contact John Jackson and/or John Voss immediately.

Introduction of Mark Moody – Mark introduced himself to the group; he has replaced John Jackson as Director of Educational Technology. 

Schedule of Instructional Support for 2014-15 – The schedule of Instructional Support Coordinators was presented to the group.  Discussion ensued regarding the recent hiring of Francis Nelson, who is replacing Paula Roy and is scheduled to arrive at the end of May.  As his wife is a member of the incoming class of SMD18, concerns were expressed regarding 1) confidentiality of course materials and meetings/conversations not open to students, 2) continuity disruption as the hire’s special circumstances have made it difficult to keep the same ISC with the same system as in previous years, and 3) lack of System Leader inclusion in the hiring process (System Leaders were intimately involved in the hiring process for the last 2 ISCs). The ISCs noted that when creating the schedule of instructional support, an attempt was made to limit Francis’s involvement in courses his wife will take in 2014-2015; he will be assigned mostly to 2nd year systems.  The schedule will then be revised again for 2015-16 so Francis will then assist with 1st year courses during the time when his wife is a second year student.  While this plan will disrupt continuity, it will provide an opportunity for System Leaders to work with and get to know all the ISCs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Casey White reassured the group that both Randy Canterbury and Jane Davis in HR had approved the decision to hire this candidate and that Francis would be instructed to abide by the University’s honor code.

Proposed change in Evaluation Process - Elizabeth Bradley distributed a brief proposal regarding changing the evaluation process.  Currently ¼ of the class evaluates individual activities and/or faculty members as requested by the system leaders.  In the new system, students would randomly assigned to groups of 10 and assigned to evaluate a 3-4 week period of the pre-clerkship curriculum. In order to maximize the quality of feedback, the students would be trained by Elizabeth to provide effective, transparent and actionable feedback on faculty, content and process. Students would also be charged with talking to a cohort of students to maximize the quantity of feedback.  There was discussion concerning whether this new evaluation process should be done in addition to or in lieu of the current CSLs & Friday Forums.  Dr. Canterbury reminded the group that the LCME requires that evaluations be standardized.

Student Concerns re: Responsiveness – Dr. Canterbury reported that students had reported they felt the faculty was unresponsive to their concerns.  Dr. Canterbury consulted members of the Mulholland Society and was informed that the majority of students feel their concerns and issues are dealt with quickly and professionally.  He noted that a monthly digest/newsletter was being considered as a way to complete the input-feedback loop.