Minutes 04.11.12

Minutes 04.11.12

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Systems Leadership Community
April 11, 2012

Medical Education Building, Simulation Center Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.



Present (underlined) were:  Dela Alexander, Brian Behm, Alan Binder, Robert Bloodgood, Elizabeth Bradley, Megan Bray, Mary Bryant, Chris Burns, Addeane Caelleigh, Randy Canterbury, Eva Casola, Anne Chapin, Bobby Chhabra, Pamela Clark, Bruce Cohen,  Eugene Corbett, Alan Dalkin, John Dent, Marcel Durieux, Terri Ellison, Elizabeth Gay, Melissa Hirst, Allison Innes, Don Innes, John Jackson, Kambiz Kalantarinia, Karen Knight, Darci Lieb, Stuart Lowson, Jen Marks, Jim Martindale, Melanie McCollum, Nancy McDaniel, Mo Nadkarni, Bart Nathan, Selina Noramly, Sabrina Nuñez, Dick Pearson, Chris Peterson, Sue Pollart, Ellen Ramsey, Barbara Rogers, Mitch Rosner, Paula Roy, Mark Russell, Neeral Shah, Allan Simpson, Nassima Ait-Daoud Tiouririne, Melanie Tomlin, Jonathan Truwit, Keith Underwood, Linda Wagoner-Fountain, Casey White, Mary Kate Worden, Elizabeth Wright, Zhen Yan. 

Student Representatives:  Richard Rueb (2012), Kaitlyn Snyder (2013), Michael Hrdy (2014) 

Note:  Because no sign-in sheet was available, all participants may not be noted above.

Conveners:  Bart Nathan and Chris Burns


  1. Review of upcoming CV System.  John Dent described the plans for the CV system which will begin August 2 and last 4 weeks and 2 days.  He described changes since the first iteration and concluded by noting that the instruction would be approximately 20% lectures, with 4 TBLs, and the rest would be case-based sessions with student discussion. 

  2. Faculty development.  Casey White described two new programs in medical education.  First, an Education Certificate Series will begin next month, with 12 sessions already schedule over the next year.  Second, there will be quarterly Education Grand Rounds.  The group discussed several suggestions:  (a) the need for web-based Camtasia talks on issues important to faculty who teach only a few hours per year, (b) the high priority of sessions on learning objectives and writing exam questions, (c) the need to repeat the sessions because attendees’ schedules are complex, (d) they should be labeled as “basic” or “advanced” so that more experienced faculty will want to attend, and (e) how to attract the targeted faculty (rather than those already committed to new educational methods).

  3. Active Learning Data.  Elizabeth Bradley report on the percentage of active learning in the preclerkship curriculum for SMD 2014.  She explained that data had been collected from observers, students, and the Oasis tags; they often did not agree.  Overall, data from students showed that the target of 40% active learning had been reached, although the data from observers was lower. In future, the Oasis tag will be the measure for active learning, but data will also be collected from students.  The group discussed several issues, such as monitoring that the actual session, defining activity types.

  4. Retreat for May meeting.  The meeting on May 9 will be a half-day retreat that will focus on consistency across systems and policies across systems.  Content issues will be covered at later meetings.

  5. Next meeting.  The next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, May 9, 2011.  Details about the retreat will be sent to participants.