Minutes 03.12.14

Minutes 03.12.14

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Pre-Clerkship Meeting
Minutes – 3/12/14

Claude Moore Medical Education Building, Room G165, 4:00 p.m.

Present: James Moak, Mo Nadkarni, Randy Canterbury, Pam Clark, Megan Bray, Laurie Archbald-Pannone, Anne Tuskey, Richard Pearson, Neeral Shah, Bart Nathan, Linda Wagonner-Fountain, Janet Lewis, Sabrina Nunez, Mary Kate Worden, Robin LeGallo, Don Innes, Darci Lieb, Melanie Tomlin, Barb Rogers, Eva Casola, Dela Alexander, Matt Dickerson,

  1. Report from SIM System:  Mo Nadkarni, Darci Lieb and Dela Alexander

  2. Report from CPD: James Moak

 Submitted by Barbara Rogers


System Sign-out  Foundations of Medicine 2017 See Appendix A

Guidelines for the Morning Patient Interview 
See Appendix B