Minutes 02.13.13

Minutes 02.13.13

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Systems Leadership Community
February 13, 2013

Medical Education Building, Sim Center Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.


Present (underlined) were:  Behm (GI), Bray (Endo-Repro), Bryant (CPD & MSI), Chen (Ethics/Prof), Clark (HemOnc), Cohen (MBB), Dalkin (Endo-Repro), Dent (CV), Douvas (HemOnc), Durieux (C2S), Gay (Pul), D. Innes (HemOnc), Kalantari (Ren), Knight, LeGallo, Lorenz (M&I), Lowson (Pul), McCollum (MSI), McDaniel (CPD), Marks (CPD), Moyer (Pul), Nadkarni (SIM), Nathan (co-chair) (MBB), Nunez, Noramly (co-chair), Pearson (M&I), Rosner (Ren), Russell (MSI), Shah (GI), Tiourirne (MBB), Waggoner-Fountain, Worden (MBB); also Alexander, Bradley, Caelleigh, Canterbury, Casola, Graham, A. Innes, Jackson, Knight, Lieb, Martindale, Rogers, Roy, Tomlin, White, Yoon.


Convener:  Selina Noramly

  1. Taking attendance.  The meeting included a broad-ranging discussion of attendance.

    a. Casey White explained the history and reasoning behind requiring attendance.  The Curriculum Committee voted to require attendance at all active-learning sessions.  She was interested in tracking attendance to examine a correlation between attendance and grades. 

    b. Jim Martindale reported on data collected from “attendance quizzes” (the “quiz” used as check-in for attendance), noting that there was a tenuous correlation between higher attendance and higher grades.  Participants questioned the validity of the data. 

    c. Don Innes reported that the Curriculum Committee’s general consensus was to discontinue taking attendance; no formal vote was taken. 

    d. The GI System Leaders need a decision before February 18, when the GI system begins. 

    e. Randy Canterbury reported that applicants are learning about UVA’s attendance requirement, which may negatively affect the type of students who apply.

    f.  Casey White suggested taking attendance until the end of the year to maintain the data set.

    g. John Jackson noted that it would take many work hours to implement changes to the present system and that it could not be done before the start of GI.

  2. Data Warehouse.  Casey White reported that a data warehouse is being built to store information now kept separately.  Querying data will be easier and more efficient with the data warehouse. Mac Dent (Med Ed Technology) and Sandra Emery (Sean Jackson’s group) are working on this joint effort. Similar warehouses have been created at Johns Hopkins and the University of Michigan.  Casey White distributed a printout of the University of Michigan admissions dashboard as an example of how the warehouse is used at other institutions.

  3. Changes to Fall Curriculum for Class 2017 students.  Several changes will be made to the preclerkship curriculum that will begin in August 2013.  The 10-week MCM block will be divided:

    a. Foundations of Medicine (6 weeks) led by Mary Kate Worden and a co-system leader yet to be named.  It will include human-behavior topics; some CPD noon-time lectures will be moved into the morning hours.

    b. A 4-week unit yet to be named led by Sabria Nunez and Robin LeGallo to cover tissue organization, cancer, and neoplasia.

  4. VA Tech/Carillion performance on NBME Step 1.  Randy Canterbury reported that students at VA Tech/Carillion (a class of 42) had higher mean scores (246) on the Step 1 exam than did UVA’s students (233) even though the Carillon students had lower MCAT scores.  The Carillion curriculum is characterized by case-based/PBL curriculum in small groups with student-directed learning and patient-centered learning.
  5. Next meeting.  The next meeting will be Wednesday, March 13, 2013.