Minutes 01.16.13

Minutes 01.16.13

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Systems Leadership Community
January 16, 2013

Medical Education Building, Sim Center Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.


Present (underlined) were:  Behm (GI), Bray (Endo-Repro), Bryant (CPD & MSI), Chen (Ethics/Prof), Clark (HemOnc), Cohen (MBB), Dalkin (Endo-Repro),Dent (CV), Douvas (HemOnc), Durieux (C2S), Gay (Pul), D. Innes (HemOnc), Kalantari (Ren), Lorenz (M&I), Lowson (Pul), McCollum (MSI), McDaniel (CPD), Marks (CPD), Moyer (Pul), Nadkarni (SIM), Nathan (co-chair) (MBB), Nunez, Noramly (co-chair), Pearson (M&I), Rosner (Ren), Russell (MSI), Shah (GI), Tiourirne (MBB), Waggoner-Fountain, Worden (MBB); also Alexander, Bradley, Caelleigh, Canterbury, Casola, Graham, A. Innes, Jackson, Knight, Lieb, Martindale, Rogers, Roy, Tomlin, White, Yoon.

  Selina Noramly

  1. Guidelines for creating assessments.  A handout summarized the draft guidelines in a table.  Discussion focused on time allowed for completing assessments.  The goal is to move toward USMLE timing—slightly less than 1.5 minutes per question (averaged over all questions).  Previously in NxGen, 2 min were allowed per question.  Randy Canterbury noted that at the Town Hall meeting for SMD 2015 in December the students said they think assessment should start with 2 min per question and then decrease so that in the final semester the time would match the USMLE.  System leaders voted to adopt the guidelines.  A draft copy is attached

  2. Evaluation.  Elizabeth Bradley has sent out the shortened form for faculty evaluation.  System Leaders must notify the Evaluation Group as to which sessions they want to be evaluated.  One-third of the class will evaluate all TBLs, all problems sets, and sessions taught by new faculty and faculty doing up for promotion and tenure.  In addition, 20% of  large-group sessions will be evaluated.  Elizabeth Bradley will meet with System Leaders approximately a month before their Systems begin to decide which sessions will be evaluated. 

  3. Mapping learning objectives to competencies.  Randy Canterbury led a discussion about the AAMC requirement that schools map their learning objectives to competencies.

    a.       The goal is a cross-section/snapshot of what is happening during one academic year across all four curriculum years.
    b.      The report must use AAMC competencies:  the 6 ACGME competencies, one about IPE, and one about lifelong learning.
    c.       A daunting task is setting up “trees” of linkages to each competency.
    d.      Each session in the curriculum must be reported.
    e.       System Leaders and Course Directors are best able to develop the linkages.

  4. Attendance.  Aniseh Burtner reported on attendance data since the beginning of MCM in 2012.  After considerable discussion of the problems with the attendance procedure, System Leaders were not satisfied with the policy as currently implemented and agreed that it needs to be re-considered or changed and that Casey White should be consulted.

  5. Next meeting.  The next meeting will be Wednesday, February 20, 2013.


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