Three types of reporting software are available: Student Web-Reports, Microsoft Reporting Services and Tableau. Reporting Services and Tableau require an ikey or identity token with a connection to the Joint VPN. This is available from ITS. Contact David Stewart using SYSAid to begin the process. You will log into each report using your eservices login and password. To view the Tableau reports, you must be a licensed Tableau user. Contact Francis Nelson at if you are not a current licensed user.

  1. Student Web Reports.  This is a student-only report that brings together all coursework scores and grades while studying at the School of Medicine.

  2. Reporting Services. This is used for specific purpose reports, usually with selectable drop down lists and showing rows of students. Permissions are set on the folders shown below. 

  3. Tableau for student data. This may be shown as aggregated, non-identified data or as individual student data.  The view you see will depend on your privileges. Tableau is arranged by Projects.  Permissions are set at the Project Level. 

Student Web Reports:

Reporting Services:

  • Oasis Audit