2004-5 POM Activities Summary

2004-5 POM Activities Summary

Activities of the Principles of Medicine Committee  04-05 Academic Year

  1. Presentation on new Praise and Concern Cards      (9/8/04)

  2. Presentations, updates and discussion on the Medical Education Building Committee and the plans for the new Medical Education Building (9/8/04 ;10/13/04 ; 4/13/05 )

  3. Establishment of the Subcommittee on Laboratory Teaching.  This sub-committee has met twice (Nov 15, 2004 and Dec 7, 2004).  A.  Reviewed the existing laboratory teaching that is done in the 1st and 2nd years.  B.  Documented a substantial decline in total lab teaching hours and attempted to identify the causes for this (differs with the course involved), C. Discussed optimum facilities needed for laboratory teaching.

  4. Discussion of Grading Policies          (9/8/04)
    a)  a few med students pass all the courses but not Part I of USMLE
    b)  distribution of grades differs among med courses
    c)  pass-fail cut-off varies among med courses
    d)  are we using a high enough pass-fail cut-off?
    e)  should all courses use the same pass-fail cut-off?
    f)   Principles Committee supports idea that Student promotions Committee discuss students that fall at the bottom of multiple courses, regardless of whether they passed or failed the courses.

  5. Announcements regarding grading: all 1st and 2nd year courses should use the Grade Book Tool in the Faculty Tool Box to deliver grades to students and to create uniform histograms for the students and for Student Affairs.  No grades can be posted on bulletin boards.   (1/12/05)

  6. Presentation by Christine Peterson on 1st round of Cells to Society course (10/13/04)

  7. Discussion of modification to exam schedules for 1st year - resulted in a change in order of the exams at end of 1st year    (10/13/04; 1/12/05; 3/9/05; 4/13/05)

  8. Discussion of the Old Medical School Auditorium as a back-up for Jordan Hall lecture halls in case of emergency or fire alarm or utility failure (11/10/04)

  9. Discussion of the new medical curriculum    (11/10/04)
    Two of the biggest questions that came up:
    a. How to make decisions about what basic science material should be cut
    from the curriculum?
    b.How to further integrate the basic sciences in the 1st year?
    c.How to further integrate basic sciences with clinical training?

  10. Mini-retreat on the new Curriculum.  Presentation of the new curriculum as it affects the basic sciences and the first two years (Bob Bloodgood) followed by a detailed discussion of the new curriculum.  Discussion included the impact on the MSTP program.  Some concerns were expressed about: 1) starting classes in early August (impact on faculty) , 2) compressing basic science material into shorter time and 3) having fewer exams for a number of courses (down from 3 to 2).  On the other hand, the new curriculum has been an opportunity for the 2nd year course directors to evn more extensively integrate their material.  The first years courses are way behind the 2nd year courses in terms of integration. (2/23/05)

  11. Announcement regarding course web sites: all 1st and 2nd year courses should have a course web site and should post all lecture handouts and Powerpoint lecture presentations.   (1/12/05)

  12. Presentation by Wendy Golden on the design and use of a Student Curriculum Advisory Committee for the Medical and Molecular Genetics course (1/12/05)

  13. Presentation by Amy Bouton of the Pilot Program for the Peer Review of Teaching being conducted by the ADE.  The draft evaluation instrument was reviewed.  Issues discussed included: 1) the goals of the peer evaluation, 2) when it should be done and 3) how to minimize the time involved in doing peer evaluation.            (3/9/05)

  14. Review of the existing on-line course evaluation and faculty evaluation forms that are used by the medical students.  Minor changes to these forms were made.  It was requested that John Jackson implement a way to include a photo in the faculty evaluation form to help the medical students jog their memories.   (3/9/05)

  15. Discussion of the timing of faculty evaluations by medical students.  Close faculty evaluations prior to the exam.  Have faculty evaluations as close as possible to part of course where the faculty member taught.            (1/12/05)

  16. Presentation on the upcoming LCME self-study and accreditation visit by Greg Hayden and Addeane Caelleigh.  (4/13/05)

  17. Announcement  of 2003-2004 Basic Science Teaching Awards   (11/10/04) 

    Basic Science Lecturers-Dr. Clive Bradbeer-Dr. Wendy Golden-Dr. Barry Hinton-Dr. William Hobbs-Dr. Virginia Taylor Lyons-Dr. David Moyer

    Small Group Leaders-Dr. Sam Green-Dr. Barry Hinton-Dr. Virginia Taylor Lyons-Dr. David Moyer

  18. Award of the 2nd round of annual Medical Student Teaching Awards (Virginia Taylor).  5 teaching award applications were received from 4th year student s (3 who taught in Anatomy and 2 who taught in PoM2).  One teaching award will be givent his year and it will be presented to Kalani Olmsted.  (4/13/05)

  19. Presentation of preliminary data on the Pass-Fail Grading Study to be followed by a discussion of Pass-Fail grading to include: a. whether the cumulative honors part should be dropped or retained and b. whether courses should be weighted equally or not when calculating cumulative honors.   (5/11/05)

Robert Bloodgood