Minutes 12/11/03

Minutes 12/11/03

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Principles of Medicine Committee

Minutes 12.11.03


  1. Allison Innes asked that the course directors use a uniform nomenclature for labeling the histograms that are automatically generated by Medical Education=s newly enhanced grade reporting tool. She suggested something like Exam 1, Exam 2,  Final 03.

  2. Procedure for deciding on approaches to data collection to inform recommendations about curriculum revision: John Gazewood reported on the results of his e-mail poll of the members of the Principles of Medicine Committee in which he asked for a ALas Vegas@ style vote on a wide range of possible approaches to gathering information that could help the committee make recommendations on curriculum revision.  The top ranked items were:

    A.  Seek information from the Clerkship Directors on what changes they would like to see in the first two years of the curriculum (8 votes).

    B.  Ask the Student Medical Education Committee (SMEC) to make recommendations of their ideal 1st and 2nd year curriculum (8 votes).

    C.  Have each course identify medical student advisors to give feedback on that course (8 votes).

    D.  Implement a searchable curriculum database (7 voted).

    E. Do a review of other medical schools that underwent a recent medical curriculum change (6 voted).

    F. Review national criteria in the area of medical education (AAMC,  LCME, etc.)(6 votes).

    A wide ranging discussion of these issues ensued:

    A. It was pointed out that John Jackson recently sent out an e-mail to all course directors bringing their attention to the new feature of the Course Content Management System that facilitates searching across handouts and Powerpoint presentations on the course web sites. Go to the course web page that lists all the course subjects.  At bottom of the page is a link to ASearch Course Documents@.  The search engine supports Boolean operators and certain wildcards.  There was a discussion of the relationship between John=s search engine versus a true curriculum database (such as Joel Hockensmith=s suggestion). It was felt that John Jackson may be able to enhance his search tool to fulfill some of these goals. One suggestion was to ask John to add a feature to his Content Management tool that would allow someone to add a keyword (from a drop-down menu) at the time a handout or Powerpoint is posted on the course web site.  It was decided to invite John Jackson to speak at a future meeting of the Curriculum Committee and to demo his search tool.

    Gene Corbett, while on sabbatical at the AAMC visited a number of medical schools and became aware of a sophisticated curriculum mapping software program at Vanderbilt called @KnowledgeMap@.  The people there gave him an access password.  Interested individuals could contact Gene about reviewing this web site.

    B. The committee felt that we should definitely move ahead with getting feedback from Clerkship directors on the Year 1 and 2 curriculum.

    C. The committee felt SMEC should be asked to conduct a review of the 1st and 2nd year curriculum and make recommendations.  It was pointed out that this overlaps with other on-going effort that involve student input (such as the Design and Development Teams) but the committee did not feel this was a problem.

    D. Wendy Golden pointed out that she is going ahead with utilizing selected first year students as advisors for her course Medical and Molecular Genetics.  It was pointed out that we have a number of 4th year Teaching Electives on the books and  this is another way to get student feedback on specific courses.  The advantage to this approach is that the 4th year students have a unique perspective on the 1st and 2nd year courses because they have completed the entire basic sciences curriculum as well as the 3rd year Clinical Clerkships.

    E.  In terms of national criteria, committee members are referred to the following web sites:

ACGME: http://www.acgme.org/outcome/comp/compFull.asp

LCME:    http://www.lcme.org/standard.htm

AAMC MSOP: http://www.aamc.org/meded/msop/start.htm


F.  Instead of a re-vote on the top six listed above, it was decided to accept them all.

G. Eve Bargmann and Virginia Taylor volunteered to take the USMLE Part I.

Action Items/Upcoming Events:

  1. Dr. Gazewood has e-mailed Steve Koenig, Co-Chair of the Curriculum Liaison Committee of the Academy of Distinguished Educators to ask him to seek out opinion of Academy members who teach 3rd year students in regard to two questions: 1) What are specific areas of strength of our rising 3rd year students and 2) What are specific areas of weakness of our rising 3rd year students.  A number of responses have already been received and these will be collated and distributed.

  2. Dr. Innes has scheduled a Curriculum Retreat/Workshop for Thursday, February 5, 2004, from 12:00 Noon - 5:00 PM in Jordan Classroom 2A/2B/2C.  All members of the Principles of Medicine Committee are invited to participate.

  3. Christine Peterson, who is leading the Design and Development Team that is planning the new Cells to Society component for the first week of the first year curriculum has asked to present this program to an upcoming meeting of the Principles of Medicine Committee.

  4. John Jackson in Medical Education will be asked to attend a future meeting of the Principles Committee to discuss curriculum databases and search engines.\

    Next meeting of Principles of Medicine Committee will be held on 2nd Wed in Jan at 2:00 PM.