Minutes 11/08/00

Minutes 11/08/00

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Principles of Medicine Committee

Minutes 11.08.00

November 8, 2000, 1:30 p.m., Jordan 1-17.

Present were: Robert Bloodgood, Bruce Cohen, Alfred Connors, Claudette Dalton, Carl Creutz, John Gazewood, Wendy Golden, Barry Hinton, William Hobbs, Joel Hockensmith, Donald Innes (Chair), Robert Kadner, Howard Kutchai, Heidi Scrable, Jennifer McClune, Darci Lieb, David Moyer, Lucia Smerage, Virginia Taylor, Brian Wispelwey, Karen Grandage, William Petri, Allison Innes, Richard Pearson, Jerry Short, Eugene Corbett, William Wilson, Gary Owens, Susan Squillace, Mariecken Verspoor, Vinay Chandrasekhara, Atul Gupta, Joey Dubose

  1. Second Year Exam Schedule. A student has requested that the exam schedule be altered for the December exam period. The exam schedule was designed to make sure that no one course was always first or last in the order of exams. The majority of students in an informal poll during ICM felt the exam schedule was fine as it was and should be left alone. The "Principles" committee decided that the schedule should not be altered at this time.

  2. Grading Policy. Al Connors will assemble a subcommittee of faculty and students to examine grading issues. The subcommittee will explore ABCDF versus pass/fail grading systems, +/- issues, as well as any other grading controversies. The subcommittee will report back to the Curriculum Committee when their findings are complete.

  3. PoM-2 Design Group. A committee made up of Eve Bargmann, John Gazewood, Darcy Lieb, Karen Maughan, Jonathan Moreno, Hilary Sanfey, Jerry Short, Susan Squillace, and Brian Wispelwey will meet for the first time 10/10/00 to begin the process of transforming ICM into PoM-2. The following is the charge to be presented to the design team for the ICM transformation into PoM-2.

    a) Ensure a smooth integration of PoM-1 content and skills with PoM-2, especially in regard to interviewing skills and physical diagnosis.

    b) Increase the frequency of patient contact and the level of physical examination and interview skills training in PoM-2. Develop a plan to increase formal inpatient and outpatient clinical exposure in the second year for all students.

    c) Ensure a smooth transition from PoM-2 into the clerkships in regard to clinical interview and physical examination skills. Develop a plan to incorporate elements of the skills and content currently addressed in the Basic Patient Care Skills course (Transition course) into PoM-2.

    d) Improve the interdisciplinary nature of weekly tutorial cases to involve when appropriate Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics, Surgery, and Psychiatry as well as Medicine.

    e) Improve topical coordination between PoM-2 and the other second year courses (Introduction to Psychiatric Medicine, Microbiology, Pathology and Pharmacology).

  4. Curriculum Self-Assessment Form.There have been no substantive changes recommended for the format of the curriculum assessment form. The Office of Medical Education asked for a short one paragraph descriptions of each lecture in conjunction with AAMC coding of topics. The list of topics provided by the AAMC will be provided to the Principles of Medicine Committee either via e-mail or the web.

  5. LCME Response.The response is being readied. The School of Medicine has made good progress in addressing their concerns. LCME concerns regarding governance, evaluation and course improvement, evaluation and documentation of procedural skills during the clerkships, expansion of ambulatory care experience, faculty by-laws regarding committee structure, and space issues have been addressed in this report.

  6. Exploratory Design Group.A group of interested faculty and students will be created to develop the exploratory program. Contact Don Innes <dji@virginia.edu> if you are interested. Exploratories may include basic science, clinical or community service activities related to medicine.

  7. Exam Policy.Suggestions made at the last Principles meeting regarding examination procedures seemed to work well. In the design of next years schedule, coordination of examination periods to allow use of both Jordan 1-14 and 1-5 for exams should be considered.

    Course directors were asked to confirm what space is available for their exam prior to announcement to the students. Consideration will be given to adding the library or portions of the library to the places for exam administration when current library renovations are finished.

    The Hinton/Taylor model of a page on the front of the exam for students to write comments regarding individual questions worked well for Pathology. The comments from the students were reviewed immediately after the exam and ambiguous, misleading or incorrect questions were discarded prior to scoring. In addition, both Pathology and Pharmacology answered no student questions during the examination period and found the process satisfactory.

  8. Mulholland Awards for 4th Year Teaching Electives. Last year numerous students participated in this teaching elective. The students who participated gained valuable basic science and teaching experience and courses were enhanced by their participation. However, course directors report few, if any students contacted them this year. Don Innes will contact the Mulholland President, Joey DuBose, and the Electives Director, Margaret Mohrmann about this.


Minutes submitted by: Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D. Date: 11/10/00