Minutes 10/14/09

Minutes 10/14/09

Principles of Medicine Committee




The only agenda item at the October 14th meeting of the Principles of Medicine Committee was the talk by Dr. Neil Osheroff, Vanderbilt University, on: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace an Interdisciplinary Preclinical Curriculum".  In lieu of formal minutes, I am attaching to this e-mail the Powerpoint file from Dr. Osheroff's talk.  Dr. Osheroff discussed the recent curriculum reform at Vanderbilt, primarily from the perspective of the course he runs, which morphed from a traditional Biochemistry course into a Molecular Foundations of Medicine course (which integrated genetics, cell biology and some histology with biochemistry).  The extent of the curriculum change at Vanderbilt was not nearly as radical as the one we are undergoing and was not a change to an Organ Systems Curriculum.  They did not cut back on the time allotted to the basic sciences; if anything, he indicated that they were cutting back a bit on time allotted to the clinical portion of the curriculum.  I particularly noted one observation that he made.  He indicated that US medical schools that are going through curriculum reform say that they are replacing the cuts in the pre-Clerkship portion of the curriculum by putting basic science into the latter part of the curriculum, the latter doesn't generally happen.  If you were not able to attend his talk, do take a look at Dr. Osheroff's Powerpoint.

"How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace an Interdisciplinary Preclinical Curriculum"