Minutes 10/08/08

Minutes 10/08/08

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Principles of Medicine Committee

  1. Review of Minutes of September meeting.  Approved.

  2. 1st year class representatives: The new president of the 1st year class, Tina Ho, and the new 1st year class representative to SMEC, Evan Lapinsky, were introduced.

  3. Student Medical Education Committee: SMEC Chair Animesh Jain indicated that one of the top SMEC goals is to increase communication between medical students and faculty.  Minutes of all SMEC meetings are posted on the SMEC website at: http://www.smec.wordpress.com/

    Each course SAC will be asked to prepare a report for SMEC; these reports will be shared with the course directors.

  4. Migration of Grade Submission tool: John Jackson reported that the grade submission tool currently in the Faculty Toy Box will be replaced with a new and better grade submission tool in Oasis.  This will probably occur by Spring 2009.  Sometime after that, course and faculty evaluations will also shift from the Faculty Toy Box to Oasis.  This will provide improved features including the tracking of faculty evaluations over time.  Julie Turner inquired as to whether this tool will allow one to gather information on how a particular faculty member stands relative to a peer group of faculty, for purposes of Promotion and Tenure; this will be possible in the new system.  The existing archival data on course and faculty evaluations will not migrate to Oasis, but will continue to be available in the Faculty Toy Box after the switchover.

  5. Medical Education Research Study:  Susan Lamb, a 4th year medical student, gave a presentation on a medical education research study entitled ABlooming Med Micro@,  that she performed as part of a 4th year teaching elective; Julie Turner was the faculty advisor on the project.  The goal of the project was to classify exam questions utilized in the three portions of the 2007-2008 Microbiology course according to Bloom=s Taxonomy.  This approach to analyzing test questions comes from a paper published in Science (319:414-415, 2008).  Bloom=s Revised Taxonomy has six levels: 1) Remember, 2) Understand, 3) Apply, 4) Analyze, 5) Evaluate and 6) Create.  The first five of these are amenable to assessment using multiple choice questions but the 6th requires use of essay exam questions; the only course currently using essay questions is Human Behavior.  Five 4th year medical students were trained (in two 2-hr sessions) to apply Bloom=s Taxonomy to exam questions.  Each of about 300 questions were rated by 3 students as to which level of Bloom=s Taxonomy the question most closely fit:

    A.  Immunology: average of 1.62 (no questions reached level 5)
    B.  Bacteriology: average of 1.49 (1-2 questions reached level 5)
    C.  Virology: average of 1.49 (no questions reached level 5)

    grade comparison

    Julie Turner indicated that she anticipated higher average scores for the Microbiology exam questions. Selina Noramly and Julie Turner are planning to expand this study to other medical courses.  It might be of interest to correlate how a particular question performs relative to the level of Bloom=s taxonomy to which it is assigned.  It would be of interest to determine if the scores for exam questions in Core Systems courses were, on average, higher than those for Principles of Medicine courses. There was a discussion of whether it would be preferable to use 2nd year students rather than 4th year students to do the ratings; the consensus was to continue to utilize 4th year students. It would be of interest to know the distribution of USMLE Step 1 questions relative to Bloom=s Taxonomy; it might be appropriate to rate the 200 sample exam questions on the NBME web site.

  6. IAMSE Meetings:  The International Society of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) holds an annual meeting. This is a meeting particularly appropriate for faculty teaching in the early years of the medical curriculum.  The most recent (12th) annual meeting was held on July 25-29, 2008, in Salt City and was the first meeting since the fusion with Slice of Life, the medical educational technology group that had previously had their own annual meeting.  UVa faculty member Veronica Michaelsen was Program Chair for this meeting.  The 13th annual IAMSE meeting will be held in Leiden, The Netherlands, June 29-July 3, 2009.

  7. Course Reports for 2007-2008: Course directors are asked to submit their course reports to Bob Bloodgood as soon as possible so that they can be compiled and data summarized for consideration by the Principles of Medicine Committee at its November meeting.

  8. USMLE Step 1 Review Course:  After the Principles of Medicine Committee meeting, a sub-set of 1st year course directors met with Brad Bradenham to discuss this year's USMLE Step 1 review course (of first year material).  This year=s course will be presented by a combination of faculty and 4th year medical students.

The next meeting of the Principles of Medicine Committee will be held on Wednesday, November 12th, at 2:00 PM. Send suggestions for future agenda items to Bob Bloodgood.