Minutes 09/08/04

Minutes 09/08/04

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Principles of Medicine Committee

  1. Setting the day & time for future meetings

    It was decided that the meetings will continue to be held on the second Wednesday of the month at 2:00 PM in Room 1-17 Jordan Hall.  If extra meetings are needed, we will use the fourth Wednesday of the month.

  2. Praise & Concern Cards (Allison Innes)

    Praise and concern cards are now available for use by the faculty.    On “The Faculty Source Page”, use the link that is called “Feedback Forms”.   Faculty are encouraged to approach a student directly regarding the particular praise or concern issue before submitting the form.  The praise forms will be placed within the student’s file.     Concern cards can be useful to Student Affairs to identify patterns of behavior that may occur in different contexts (such as in different Clerkships).  In addition, Student Affairs has access to a variety of resources to assist medical students.

  3. Committee for the Education Building

    Dean Garson has established a Medical Education Building Committee chaired by Richard Pearson, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education.  The Principles of Medicine Committee has at least four representatives to this committee (Don Innes, Allison Innes, Jerry Short and Bob Bloodgood).  This committee meets approximately every two weeks.  This committee will have a retreat with consultant Shirley Dugdale on Saturday, September 25th.   The new education building will be approximately 55,000 square feet with 5 floors and is tentatively scheduled to be located in the garden area between MR5 and the Nursing School .   In order to provide some input from the Principles of Medicine Committee to the Curriculum Committee and the Education Building Committee,  Bob Bloodgood and John Gazewood are organizing two sub-committees of the Principles of Medicine Committee (see below).

  4. Subcommittee to study the future of laboratory teaching and physical needs for laboratory teaching in a medical education building.

    Bob Bloodgood will organize a sub-committee representing the basic science laboratory teaching that currently goes on in the Gross Anatomy Labs on the first floor of Jordan Hall and in the medical student teaching labs on the 2nd floor of Jordan Hall.  People to be asked to serve on this sub-committee will include: Virginia Taylor Lyons (Gross Anatomy), Bob Kadner, (Microbiology), Julie Turner (Microbiology), Bob Bloodgood (CTS/Physiology & Physiology/CTS), Don Innes (Pathology), Heidi Scrable (Neuroscience) and Greg Townsend (AIM).  

    The charge to the sub-committee is:

    A)        Discuss the future of lab teaching (microscopy, preparation of blood smears, cadaver dissection, microbiology procedures, etc.) and where we may be in 5 or 10 years.  What will be the role of computers?
    B)        Discuss physical needs for lab teaching in a new education building (for those functions that do not remain in their present location at the time the education building is built).
    C)        Discuss how lab teaching may be affected by an increased class size.
    D)        Discuss the feasibility of having the same set of small group rooms used for both clinical teaching and basic science laboratory teaching.

  5. Subcommittee to examine clinical teaching in first two years and clinical teaching space. 

    John Gazewood will organize a small group to discuss the needs of small group clinical teaching, particularly as they relate to PoM1 and PoM2.  It will be important to consider the optimum small group teaching facilities for the new Medical Education Building and whether it is feasible to share these facilities with basic science laboratory teaching.   This subcommittee will meet at some point with the lab teaching sub-committee.

  6. Grading

    Bob Bloodgood and Allison Innes raised issues related to the grading of medical students, some of which came out of discussions in the Student Promotions Committee.   Histograms of student scores in the 1st year courses for the past year were distributed. It was noted that the distribution of scores varies greatly among courses.   One concern raised in the Student Promotions Committee is the issue of those (admittedly few) students who pass the medical school courses but not the USMLE Part 1.  Questions discussed included:  Are we using a high enough pass-fail cutoff for our students?  Should all courses use the same cut-off for passing.  The idea was suggested and discussed that students that fall more than two standard deviations beneath the mean in any course should not pass that course. Considerable concern was expressed that this approach forces each course to fail a fixed percentage of students. Should students that fall at the bottom of the class in a particular course (even though they passed the course) be examined by the Promotions Committee for risk of not knowing the material and having future trouble (such as with USMLE Part 1).  Don Innes cited some data suggesting that students with a 70 or less in courses have a harder time passing the USMLE.  There was considerable support for the idea that the Student Promotions Committee discuss students that fall at the bottom of multiple courses (regardless of whether they passed or failed those courses).

  7. Future Agenda Items:

    1.         Report by Chris Peterson on the first Cells to Society course that was held on August 18-20th.
    2.         Report from HSL staff on the computer and information literacy survey of medical students
    3.         Further discussion of the new Curriculum.
    4.         Setting the 1st and 2nd year schedules for 05-06.
    5.         Discussion of the Student Curriculum Advisory Committee as used by the Medical and Molecular Genetics course during Spring 04.
    6.         Timing of faculty evaluations by medical students relative to course exams.
    7.         Interim data from the on-going Pass-Fail Grading Study.
    8.         Possible discussion/workshop on good exam question writing
    9.         Awarding Cumulative Honors under the Pass/Fail system for 1st time