Minutes 03/14/00

Minutes 03/14/00

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Principles of Medicine Committee

Minutes 06.06.00

2:00 p.m., Jordan 3-31.

Present were: Robert Bloodgood, Bruce Cohen, Alfred Connors, Claudette Dalton, Carl Creutz, Wendy Golden, Barry Hinton, William Hobbs, Joel Hockensmith, Peter Holloway, Donald Innes (Chair), Howard Kutchai, Kevin Lee, Jennifer McClune, Darci Lieb, David Moyer, Lucia Smerage, Virginia Taylor, Brian Wispelwey, Karen Grandage, William Petri, Allison Innes, Richard Pearson, Jerry Short, Eugene Corbett, William Wilson, Gary Owens, Susan Squillace, Monica Lobo, Mariecken Verspoor, Andy Darby, Joey Dubose,

  1. Exam Policy. The committee approved a formal exam administration policy statement.

    Exam administration policy for UVA School of Medicine, Years 1 & 2:

    • Exams are offered only at designated times as set by the Principles of Medicine Committee. Exceptions for compassionate need or illness resulting in postponement of the exam are to be determined by the Office for Student Affairs. No student is permitted to take an examination before the regularly scheduled examination.

    • All exams are to be administered only at approved sites. Approved sites are: Jordan 1-5; Jordan 1-14; Old Medical School Auditorium; Jordan Front Laboratories and Jordan G1/G2 (if available). Course directors may select exam sites from this approved list. Exams are not to be taken outside these approved areas. Exceptions for reasons of compassionate need, disability, or illness are to be determined by Office for Student Affairs.

    • This statement will be included in the first Combined Course Schedule each year and also posted on the WEB at:


  2. Fire Alarms. Jerry Short reported that there were several fire alarm drills during lecture/lab and exam periods. The fire alarm policy in Jordan Hall and the Medical Center is a state mandated policy. The medical school attempts to schedule fire drills to minimize disruption to the class schedule but ultimately have little control over timing. Students must leave lab/lecture space when they hear the fire alarms.

  3. Small group space. Jerry Short reported that work has begun to locate rooms for the PoM-1 and ICM tutorials and will intensify after the tutors select the day of the week and the time of their tutorials each week.

  4. Remote pointers in Jordan Hall 1-5 and 1-14. The $450@ remote wireless pointers have disappeared from both lecture halls. No money has been budgeted for replacement. It was suggested that if money could be found to replace the pointers, it might be possible to have course directors placed in charge of them and departments responsible for replacement costs if lost.

  5. 2000-2001 First Year Schedule. Copies of the first year schedule were distributed to all present. First year course directors were asked to review the schedule carefully, negotiate necessary changes with other courses and inform Debra Reed in the Curriculum office of the change. The draft first year orientation schedule has been placed on the WEB at:


  6. 2000-2001 Second Year Schedule. Copies of the second year schedule were distributed to second year course directors. While the Fall semester is in its final form, two versions of the Spring semester were included. The second year course directors found the modified Spring version to be the best choice. Second year course directors met after the meeting to work out final details. A final schedule will be sent to the Course Directors by 6/9. Second year course directors were asked to also negotiate necessary changes with other courses and inform Debra Reed in the Curriculum office of the change.

  7. PoM-1 Directors. Photographs of the POM Directors, Dr. John Gazewood, Dr. Eve Bargmann, and Dr. Brian Wispelwey were distributed to the committee.

  8. Clinical Connections. The "Clinical Connections" Working Group, the task-force reporting to the Clinical Medicine Committee and the Curriculum Committee has designed a Clinical-Basic Science Year 3/4 CME Program to be entitled Clinical Connections: Reviews of Basic Science and Human Values in Medicine. Reid Adams chairs the group. Dates for the 2000-01 pilots have been set: 9/25/00; 11/6/00; 2/12/01; 4/2/01.

    Topics will be:
    • Cancer Concepts/Issues - Colon Cancer (Director - Reid Adams)
    • Women's Issues - Focus on reproductive/infertility (Director - Bruce Bateman)
    • Acute Injury/Chronic Disability (Directors-Paul Diamond & Karen Johnston)
    • Topics in Pain Management -focus on chronic pain (Director - John Rowlingston)
Members of the Principles of Medicine Committee were urged to participate in these Clinical Connections whenever possible.

Minutes submitted by:
Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D.
Date: 06/08/00