Minutes 04/28/04

Minutes 04/28/04

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Principles of Medicine Committee

  1. John Jackson in the Office of Medical Education has purchased 150 new and greatly improved chairs for the Jordan Hall 2nd floor medical student teaching labs.

  2.  Bill Guilford in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and a faculty member in the CTS/Physiology course for 1st year medical students, has received one of this year=s All-University Teaching Awards.

  3. Don Innes discussed the subject of copying handouts for medical school courses.  He indicated that there will be a new system for charging the copying costs for the handouts next year.  He pointed out that if handouts are bundled for copying purposes, a lower copying rate applies and significant savings occur.

  4. The main presentation was made by John Jackson in Medical Education, whose office has developed the Course Content Management tool that allows lecture handouts, Powerpoint presentations, images, quiz questions and web links to be posted to course web sites.  Haiyan He, who is also in that office,  is a major contributor to this project.  Please remember that the Principles of Medicine Committee agreed that all courses would post all lecture handouts and all Powerpoint presentations to the respective course web sites.  John and Haiyan have recently implemented a search feature that searches through PDFs, Powerpoints and HTML documents that are posted using the Course Content Management tool.  This can be found at:


    It can also be accessed through the medical education tool bar (Search) and at the bottom of the ACourse Subject Areas@ page for each course.  Searches can be performed using certain Boolean operators (such as AND, OR, NOT).  This search engine does weighed searches that present the most relevant documents first (as in a Google search).  The search engine does not highlight the occurrences of a search term in the PDF documents that result from the search.  In order to do this, one has to do a search from within the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  John pointed out that Microsoft Word has a feature where one can enter Titles and Keywords for Word documents and adding these could assist in the results of searches.  It was asked if there could be a means to search only on the document titles or keywords; Haiyan will look into this possibility.  It was asked if there was a way to break down the search results by individual course.  It is currently possible to search only those documents associated with a particular course or courses.  It was requested that new categories be added to the initial search menu so that one could search only documents associated with all 1st year courses or only documents associated with all 2nd year courses; John and Haiyan said that they would do this.  It was pointed out by John Jackson that there are two ways to upload Powerpoint lectures into the UVA Course Content Management tool: 1) as a PDF or 2) as a Powerpoint file that retains the Powerpoint animation features and plays animated gifs.  Movies do not work in either case because the movie files are not linked.  However, John does have a software tool that can package a Powerpoint file along with all its linked files (such as movies) as a FLASH file that can then be posted on a course web site.

    John presented, for comparison, the Knowledge Map curriculum database site at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.  Vanderbilt leases its software to other medical schools but the group felt that the expensive yearly licensing fee was not worth the expense. 

  5. The next meeting of the Principles of Medicine Committee will be held on Wednesday, May 12, at 2:00 PM in Room 1-17, Jordan Hall.   The agenda will be:

    (1)Report on 4th Year Teaching Awards: Virginia Taylor

    (2)Presentation on the new Basic Sciences for Careers program: Vern Juel, Bob Bloodgood and John Gazewood