Minutes 04/12/06

Minutes 04/12/06

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Principles of Medicine Committee

  1. Wendy Golden reported for the sub-committee that awards the annual 4th year medical student teaching award(s).  7 applications were received this year (most from students doing teaching electives in Gross Anatomy, but also included an Orthopedic teaching elective and a Microbiology teaching elective).  This year's selection committee consisted of Dr. Wendy Golden (Chair), Dr. Jerry Short, Dr. Bill Wilson, David Ryan, Justin Walter, Heidi Anderson and Katherine Barker.   This year's unanimously chosen single award recipient is Joe Bean, who will presented with a Jefferson cup and a cash award from Dr. Short's office.  All applicants were judged as worthy for recognition and will receive a letter from Dr. Golden.

  2. The following three recommendations from the Principles of Medicine Committee were presented to the Curriculum Committee:
      a)  Exploratory- Recommended that the exploratory not be required for any particular student during the first semester of the 1st year. This was supported by a 13-1 vote of the Principles of Medicine Committee. This was unanimously approved by the Curriculum Committee
     b)  Cumulative Honors- Recommended that cumulative honors be eliminated from the pass/fail grading system with the class of 2010. This was supported by the Principles of Medicine Committee by a vote of 15-1. This was unanimously approved by the Curriculum Committee, after changing the effective date of the change to the Class of 2011.
     c)  Schedule for semester one of the 1st year- leave the current (new) schedule in place - Principles of Medicine Committee vote:
    1) Leave current schedule in place for Fall 2006 (14)
    2) Spread all courses over the entire semester (3)
    3) Hybrid plan spreading out only gross anatomy and med &mol genetics (4)
    (All Fall course directors except Barry Hinton support option 1).
    This was unanimously approved bv the Curriculum Committee.

  3. Changes in Gross Anatomy for Fall 2006:  In response to medical student feedback and Gross Anatomy faculty concerns, the following changes are being made to the 1st year schedule for Fall 2006:

    1.  Gross Anatomy was given their first choice at scheduling for fall 2006; other courses then built their schedules around the Gross Anatomy schedule.
    2. Gross Anatomy will meet three times per week in Fall 2006 instead of four times per week as in the fall of 2005.
    3. Gross Anatomy blocks will be spread as far apart as possible.
    4. Gross Anatomy will meet for four hours on Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning. 

  4. Request from some students to schedule all first year exams in the morning.
    Currently, some 1st year exams are given in the morning (starting at 9:00 AM) while some are given in the afternoon (starting at 1:00 PM). Bob Bloodgood has received requests from first year students that exams be scheduled in the morning whenever possible.  A thorough discussion of this issue ensued.  Gross Anatomy can not schedule morning exams because the faculty need to set up the practical exam in the morning.  It was felt important to space exams as far apart as possible and this was not always consistent with having all exams in the morning.  Some course directors indicated that many students have expressed a preference for afternoon exams.  In the end, it was decided by the Principles of Medicine Committee that individual course directors will retain the right to choose when best to schedule their exams (morning or afternoon).

  5. Update from the recent meetings of the Claude Moore Medical Education Building Committee with Architects. 

    The building is currently scheduled to have 6 floors:
    a)  Level 4 - Mulholland Lounge and Student Affairs offices and conference room
    b)  Level 3 - Lecture Hall and offices for Office of Medical Education
    c)  Level 2 - Large Learning Studio and offices for Office of Student Academic Support
    d)  Level 1 - Main entry, small Learning Studio, offices for Admissions and Financial Aid
    e)  Level G - Simulation Center
    f)   Level B -  Clinical Skills Training Center

    Last year, the Principles of Medicine Committee discussed and requested that both the Lecture Hall and the Large Learning Studio be designed so as to permit lectures (among other options) because the 1st and 2nd year classes often have lectures scheduled at the same time.  In recent meetings of the Claude Moore Medical Education Building Committee with the architects and consultants, it appears that the plan is NOT to configure the Large Learning Studio in order to be optimum for the lecture format.  The Principles of Medicine Committee discussed this at length and expressed concern that there was a need for facilities to be available at all times to allow scheduling of lectures for both 1st and 2nd year medical classes.  The members of the Principles of Medicine Committee present were unanimous in supporting the following motion:

    "The Principles of Medicine Committee believes that it is essential to have two large teaching spaces available (each accommodating an entire medical class) that are capable of being optimally configured so as to allow the medical school faculty to simultaneously present a "traditional" lecture format presentation  to both the 1st and 2nd year medical school classes."

    Since not all members of the Principles of Medicine Committee were present, it was decided to conduct an e-mail poll of all members of the Principles of Medicine Committee.  The final vote on this motion was 25 in favor and 1 opposed.  All 1st and 2nd year course directors and co-course directors were represented in the vote.  This motion will be taken to a meeting of the Curriculum Committee on Thursday, April 27th.  The Principles of Medicine Committee also expressed a desire to have a presentation from the Architects.

    Next meeting of the Principles of Medicine Committee will be on Wednesday, May 10th at 2:00 PM in Rooms 3-006/3-008 Jordan Hall.

  6. Future Agenda Items include:

    1. Report back from the Curriculum Committee on the motion regarding large group teaching space
    2. Assessment Data for the 2nd semester of the new curriculum (comparison with the previous year)
    3. Discussion of a new secure on-line testing software package being purchased by the Office of Medical Education
    4. Discussion of an Audience Participation System (APS) to be purchased by the Office of Medical Education.
    5. Discussion of lecture attendance in the second year.
    6. Policies on grading and grades and grade reporting.
    7. Access for students to review their exams.
    8. Broadening the Exploratory beyond Social Issues in Medicine
    9. Discussion of coordination, integration and deduction of overlap in the basic sciences.