Minutes 03/14/01

Minutes 03/14/01

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Principles of Medicine Committee

Minutes 03.14.01

March 14, 2001, 1:30 p.m., Jordan 1-17.

Present were: Eve Bargmann, Elizabeth Bradley, Robert Bloodgood, Bruce Cohen, Alfred Connors, Claudette Dalton, Carl Creutz, John Gazewood, Wendy Golden, Barry Hinton, William Hobbs, Joel Hockensmith, Donald Innes (Chair), Robert Kadner, Howard Kutchai, Heidi Scrable, Jennifer McClune, Darci Lieb, David Moyer, Lucia Smerage, Virginia Taylor, Brian Wispelwey, Marcia Childress, Karen Grandage, William Petri, Allison Innes, Richard Pearson, Jerry Short, Eugene Corbett, William Wilson, Gary Owens, Susan Squillace, Mariecken Verspoor, Vinay Chandrasekhara, Atul Gupta, Joey Dubose

  1. Use of newly renovated medical library for medical student examinations. After extensive deliberation, the Committee agreed that students may take their exams in the Health Sciences Library except for the media centers. The policy will now read:

    Exams are administered only at the following sites: Jordan 1-5, Jordan 1-14, Old Medical School Auditorium, Classroom C-1, Jordan Front Laboratories, Jordan Conference Center (if available) and any open site in the library with exception of the two media centers. Exams are not to be worked on outside these sites. Exceptions for reasons of compassionate need, disability, or illness are to be determined by the Office for Student Affairs.

  2. Review of the current evaluation form used by medical students to evaluate basic science courses. A copy of the current evaluation form used by Cell & Tissue in the pilot WEB-based evaluations was distributed. Suggestions for improvement will be passed on to Jerry Short for possible implementation. The core of the evaluations will remain consistent for all courses and allow a limited number of additional items provided by each course.


Minutes submitted by: Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D. Date: 03/15/01