Minutes 3/13/02

Minutes 3/13/02

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Principles of Medicine Committee

Minutes 03.13.02

March 13, 2002, Jordan 1-17.

Present: Eve Bargmann, Robert Bloodgood, Bruce Cohen, Al Conners, Carl Creutz, Claudette Dalton, John Gazewood, Barry Hinton, William Hobbs, Joel Hockensmith, Donald Innes (Chair), Robert Kadner, Howard Kutchai, Kevin Lee, Heidi Scrable, Darci Lieb, Julie Turner, Virginia Taylor, Brian Wispelwey, Wendy Golden, Allison Innes, Jennifer McClune, Richard Pearson, Jerry Short, Karen Grandage, Susan Squillace, Gary Owens, William Petri, William Wilson, Marcia D. Childress, Elizabeth Bradley, Vinay Chandrasekhara, Alfa Diallo, Dave Dougherty, Nelle Linz, Paul McIntosh, Debra Reed (Secretary) Guest: Beth Bailey

  1. Clinical Associates. While the clinical associate program has not performed as expected, most course directors have found alternative pathways to clinical relevance. Course directors sited lack of availability and/or interest on the part of the clinical associates assigned to them. Some course directors also were not aware of what the exact role of the clinical associate should be. Many of the basic science course directors have established working relationships with physicians in their own department or in other departments such as radiology to assist with clinical relevance of the material presented. One course director noted that when a physician reviewed his courses curriculum for clinical content little was gained. Breadth versus depth issues were a primary target of the clinical associate program.

    The use of 4th year students participating in the Teaching Elective was suggested as another means of maintaining clinical relevancy (and breadth versus depth). This elective was selected more often when there was a Teaching Award given by the Mulholland Society. Don Innes and the Curriculum Committee will look into this and see if such an award can be re-established on a more permanent basis. Richard Pearson will also talk to the students about this at their elective introduction meeting in April and follow-up with an e-mail.

  2. Use of retired faculty/physicians for medical teaching. The use of retired physicians willing to participate in medical student teaching is a great potential resource for course directors and is encouraged.

  3. 2002-03 Scheduling Issues. The Fall 02-03 first year schedule is complete. Dr. Kutchai reported that work on the Spring 02-03 first year schedule has begun and will be finished by April 1. Second year course directors will meet on 3/14/02 to finalize their schedule.

  4. Grading Task Force Proposal. (Robert A. Bloodgood) The amended Grading Task Force Proposal was presented to the Committee. The proposal now includes instituting the P/F system into both the first and second year of medical school.

    Arguments in favor of including both first and second year:
    1) virtually all medical schools have the same grading system in the first two years
    2) all arguments for the P/F system in first year worked for the second year also
    3) changing from P/F in first year to A-F system in second year would probably not be well-received by the students
    4) having P/F in first year and not in second might send a message that first year courses are not as important as those in second year
    5) grades from the basic science years are not high on the list of selection criteria for residency selection
    6) comparison data with boards, etc. between classes should be more clear cut

    Arguments against including both first and second year:
    1) AOA selection will be made at end of the third year

    The selection of students for year end awards from the basic science courses was discussed. Guidelines on how these selections will be made will be discussed further prior to implementation of the P/F proposal.

    The Principles of Medicine Committee members expressed no major concerns with the proposal.

    The proposal will now be presented to the Dean. If this proposal is to be instituted on schedule, the Admissions office must be notified by June 15, 2002.

  5. Cabell Room. The Health Sciences Library has reopened the new and improved Cabell Room. Course Directors were asked to recommend it to the students as study space.

Minutes submitted by: Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D. Date: March 14, 2002