Minutes 01/12/05

Minutes 01/12/05

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Principles of Medicine Committee

  1. Call for Abstracts for Medical Education Research Day poster session.
    The Academy of Distinguished Educators (ADE) is sponsoring a Medical Education Research Day on Monday, February 21, 2005. As a part of this, there will be a reception from 5:00-7:00 PM along with a poster session to highlight medical education research activity being performed at the UVa School of Medicine on various aspects of UME and GME. The posters will be displayed through Wednesday, February 23rd.

  2. Grades:  All courses should use the Grade Book Tool in the Faculty Toy Box to deliver grades to students and to create a uniform format class histogram to be send to students and to be provided to Allison Innes in the Office of Student Affairs.  This tool allows the delivery of grade information to students to be coupled to their completion of course and faculty evaluations.  However, quiz or exam scores can also be delivered to students independent of evaluations.  No grades are to be posted on bulletin boards per UVA policy.

  3. Course web sites:  All courses should create and maintain a course web site using the Course Content Management System which has been developed by the Office of Medical Education and is located in the Faculty Toy Box.  All lecture handouts and PowerPoint presentations should be posted to the course web sites using the features of this Course Content Management System (which then allows the search engine to access all thes handouts and Powerpoint presentations.

  4. Pass-Fail Grading:  Data will be collected and distributed on the pass-fail cut-offs scores currently being used by 1st and 2nd year courses.

  5. Course Co-directors for Basic Science for Careers:  Dr. Donald Innes and the curriculum Committee are working to identify clinical and basic science co-directors for this new course.  Interested persons can contact Dr. Innes.

  6. Announcement for medical student teaching awards.
    Students participating in any of the Basic Science or Clinical Science teaching electives are eligible for the annual Medical Student Teaching Award. Awards will be given each year to one or more students demonstrating excellence in the goals of the particular teaching elective. Awardees will be selected by a committee of faculty and medical students. Applicants should submit:

    a written report summarizing their elective activities
    additional supporting materials if applicable (e.g., educational resources that were designed)
    names of faculty and/or students who have knowledge of their activities during the elective (i.e., faculty supervisor, students who were taught by the candidate, etc.)
    Materials should be submitted to Dr. Virginia Taylor, selection committee chair, by March 10th.  For more information, contact Virginia Taylor at vlt3g@virginia.edu

  7. Update on exam schedule for final exam period in current Year 1:  The final decision was to use the following schedule for the last exam period of the 2004-2005 academic year:

    Monday, May 23, 2005           Neuroscience
    Wednesday, May 25, 2005      Human Behavior
    Friday, May 27, 2005              Medical and Molecular Genetics
    Monday, May 30, 2005           Physiology/CTS

    It was decided to leave the exam order for the other two exam periods for Spring 2005 the same way that they were the previous year.  David Ryan, President of the 2nd year class reported on a web poll of the 2nd year class on this topic.  The results of this survey can be seen at:


  8. Retreat on the new 1st and 2nd year Curriculum.  Dr. Don Innes, Associate Dean for Curriculum, would like the Principles of Medicine Committee to participate in a retreat on the 1st and 2nd years of the new medical curriculum, the implementation of which will begin in Fall 2005 with the Class of 2009.  While the original plan was to do this on Wednesday, February 9th, this has now been rescheduled to Wednesday, February 23rd,  from 2:00-3:30 PM in Jordan Hall, Room 1-17.  Detailed schedules for the new 1st and 2nd year curricula will be distributed before than meeting.

  9. Student Curriculum Advisory Committee used in the Medical Genetics course
    Dr. Wendy Golden described the Student Curriculum Advisory Committee that she created for the Molecular and Medical Genetics course and presented this as a successful model that could be utilized in other basic science courses.  A committee of ten students was recruited to participate in the evaluation of every lecture and lecture handout used in the course.  A form was developed for the students to use in evaluating lectures and lecture handouts; data were collected on the clarity of the lecture, redundancy of the material, accuracy of the lecture and lecture handout.  The Student Curriculum Advisory Committee met with the course director every two weeks to discuss the lecture evaluations.  This approach provided useful feedback for individual lecturers as well as valuable information for evolving the course.  This evaluation process revealed that one of the top priorities for the students is that the lecture handout be consistent with the lecture, especially in terms of the order of the topics covered.  It was also felt important that the lecture handouts provide ample space for the students to add their own noted during the lecture.   For each student participating in this process, a letter was placed in the student’s file in the Dean’s Office.  For next year, the student evaluation forms will be handled by e-mail instead of the hand-written format used this year.

  10. Discussion of the timing of faculty teaching evaluations in relation to exams.  Dr. Heidi Scrable raised the concern that medical student evaluations of faculty could be influenced by the student’s experience with the course final exam and suggested that faculty evaluations be completed prior to students taking the exam, or at least prior to the student receiving their score on the exam.  It was pointed out that all course directors need to do is to close the on-line faculty evaluations prior to the date of the exam.  The Evaluation Tool on the faculty Toy Box allows course directors to control the opening and closing dates for any course evaluation or faculty evaluation.

Possible Future Agenda Items

  1. Report on preliminary data from the Pass/Fail Grading study. (Bob Bloodgood)
  2. Review of the forms used for medical student course reviews and faculty evaluations.
  3. Further updates on new Medical Education Building .
  4. Report from sub-committee on Lab Teaching.
  5. Awarding cumulative honors for the first time under the Pass/Fail system.
  6. Report on the new Peer Teaching Evaluation Form being developed by the Academy of Distinguished Educators (ADE). (Amy Bouton)