Minutes 12.02.08

Minutes 12.02.08

Working Group on Clinical
Skills Education

Present: Darci Lieb, Evan Heald, Nancy Payne, Elizabeth Bradley, Veronica Michaelsen, Mary Bryant, Eugene Corbett

Absent: Melanie McCollum, Seki Balogun, Walter Davis, Brian Wispelway, Mark Kirk, Student Rep, Anne Chapin, Keith Littlewood, Meg Keeley

The WG continued with further discussion of how to blend its two high priority clinical skill education recommendations with the developing changes in the UVA "Next Generation" curriculum. The three underlying themes of the pending changes include curricular content integration (basic and clinical sciences), interactive teaching and learning, and a clinical performance outcome paradigm. The overall organization will include a 3-phase curricular design: preclerkship, clerkship, postclerkship (advanced clinical development). The high priority WG recommendations which will characterize the content and organization of the Clinical Performance Development (CPD) course are: 

1.   Create a four-year faculty and student mentorship program.

  • The Working Group will draft a proposal for the mentorship program at the next meeting

2. Adopt the Working Group modified set of the AAMC recommended clinical skills and incorporate their learning and assessment into the UME curriculum.

  • The Working Group will map the Skills list to the courses, clerkships and electives across the four years to determine the current coverage of the list, and will make recommendations to fill in the gaps for more complete coverage of the skills list in the curriculum.

Key implementation principles discussed include:

  1. Continuous clinical development mentor process throughout the three curriculum phases (needs to be designed)
  2. Weekly sessions throughout the preclerkship phase, blending the current POM I and II course content and styles (small group, case-based)
  3. Weekly clinical case-based learning from the outset of the curriculum, including both paper-based and real patient contact experiences
  4. Strict alignment of the case-based CPD course plan with concurrent curricular courses
  5. Establishment of an integrated and coordinated student evaluation process (to include self evaluation, mentor evaluation, clinical setting evaluations, peer review, written examinations, osce, etc)
  6. Utilization of the UVA 12 objectives of medical education in the design and implementation of a student medical education portfolio for documenting and tracking their clinical development

Next meeting: January 6, 2009 10:30-12:00 HS Library Classroom